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Revision to Dell XPS 17 L702X Troubleshooting

Shin Sul

First, check and see if your drivers are out of date. In order to do so, click the Start button and select the Control Panel button. Then click System and Security and afterwards click on Device Managers. Scroll down to Network Adapters and expand it. Once you do that, right click on the Wireless Network Adapter and select properties. After that click the Driver tab and check the driver version. If the driver version is out of date, click Update Driver to update the driver. Then retry connecting to the wireless router.
== Unable to wake up from sleep mode ==
''You get a blank screen when coming back from sleep mode''
=== Hard Reset ===
If you have no saved work, the simplest way to get your computer back on is to do a hard reset.
1. Hold the power button until it completely shuts down, then let go
2. Press the power button to turn on the computer
A black screen with white letter might show up after starting up the computer, asking if you would like to start the computer in “Safe Mode.” If you had no other troubleshooting other than not being able to come back from sleep mode, it is safe to “Start Windows Normally”
=== Change Power Setting to Sign In when you return from sleep mode ===
This is a work around way to prepare your laptop to come back from sleep mode.
Press “Start” then type in “Power Settings” in the search bar then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Once the Power Options window is opened, look on the left side and click on “Require a password on wakeup” click on “Change Settings that are currently unavailable” and choose the option “Require a password (recommended)” then “Save changes” on bottom right.
After this is done, when the laptop is in sleep mode, HOLD a printable key (such as the space bar) and then press the power button to resume.
=== Change Refresh Rate ===
Some users experience this problem at 120 Hz monitor refresh rate. Although a lower refresh rate is not optimal, changing the refresh rate to 60 Hz may solve the issue. Right-click an empty area on the desktop and select "Screen Resolution" then click the words "Advanced settings"
Click the "Monitor" tab, then under "Monitor Settings" select a "Screen refresh rate:" to 60 Hertz. Click "Apply" then "Save"
=== Driver Update ===
Inability to wake up from sleep mode is common in the Dell XPS 17 L702X model and other Dell models with NVIDIA cards for 3D display when the user has the the refresh rate set to 120 Hz. While changing the refresh rate might solve this problem, updating the driver to the latest version that fully supports 120 Hz refresh rate on 3D monitors may be a better solution. Visit and under Option 1 select the following for each criteria:
Product Type : GeForce
Product Series : GeForce 500M Series (Notebook)
Product : GeForce GT 555M or 550M
Operating System : Your current operating system (Windows 7 64-bit is the factory installed Operating System)
Language : English (US)
Press the green “SEARCH” button, then find the “DOWNLOAD” button on the page, then “AGREE & DOWNLOAD” if you agree to NVIDIA’s License agreement.
Wait until the download is complete, then run the driver update.

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