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Revision to Dell E193FPc Troubleshooting

Mackenzie Keane

[flag|student owned]
=== Scratched or cracked screen ===
This requires a replacement of the screen. Please see our guide.
=== Screen will not turn on, even if power is on ===
=== Power button does not work ===
This can be due to a circuitry problem.
=== Dead pixels ===
=== Non-compatible with a Mac ===
Make sure you have a VGA to mini displayport adaptor.
=== Dim Display ===
==== Brightness of the Display ====
Make sure the brightness of the screen is not all the way up.
==== Inverter Failure ====
This looks like the backlight has died, but in reality, it is the inverter. This requires a replacement to be done.
=== Bad Resolution ===
==== Resolution ====
Check the settings for the resolution of the monitor. If they can be increased, do so.
=== Stand Base is broken ===
This requires a replacement for the base. Please see our guides.

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