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Revision to Cuisinart DCC-1200 Troubleshooting

Lauren Miller

[title|Cuisinart DCC-1200 Troubleshooting]
[summary]The Cuisinart DCC-1200 can be identified as Brew Central Coffeemaker apart of the DCC-1200 Series released in 2015.[/summary]
== Water will not heat up ==
''Coffee comes out cold or not as hot as it should be.''
=== Faulty Hose Connection ===
Open the bottom of the coffee maker and check if the red hoses are properly connected to the heating plate. If they have become disconnected, use the clamps to reconnect them. If the hose has been damaged, consider replacing them.
=== Disconnected Heating Contact ===
Open the bottom of the coffee maker and check that the small contacts to the heating element is connected. If they are not making contact or have become disconnected, re-solder the contacts.
== Cuisinart will not display time ==
''Your Cuisinart is not displaying the time or the time looks distorted.''
=== Faulty LCD Display ===
If your Cuisinart is not displaying the time properly, make sure wiring connection is secure on the backside of LCD board. Resecure loose wires into wiring bracket.
=== LCD Circuit Board is Damaged ===
Ensure all electrical contacts are clean and intact on circuit board. Damaged components will need to be replaced.
== Water is leaking inside Cuisinart ==
''There is water leaking from inside the coffeemaker.''
=== Hose connections are not tight ===
Water is accumulating or dripping from either end of the hose at the connections , but not from hose itself. Connections could be damaged or have become loose and are no longer water tight.
=== Hose is damaged internally ===
Water is leaking from the tubing of the hose at any midpoint of the hose. The hose could be cut, split, or is not water tight and needs to be replaced.
== Coffee is leaking from cofee carafe ==
''Water or coffee is leaking from coffee pot.''
=== Failing seal on lid or handle ===
If there is water leaking from the carafe ensure the lid is sealed and handel is properly attached. If water is leaking from the lid, you may need to reseal or replace the lid. If water is leaking from the handle you may need to replace the handle seal.
=== Fractured glass on carafe ===
If water is leaking from the carafe and not coming from the lid or handel, check to make sure the glass is not stressed or fractured. Fractured or stressed glass needs to be replaced
== Cuisinart will not power on ==
''Your Cuisinart is not turning on or off.''
=== Cuisinart is not plugged in ===
Ensure that the power cord is plugged into the wall.
=== Power cord malfunction ===
Look over the power cord to check if there is any visible damage to the cord. Ensure that the power cord is plugged into the wall and there is power to the machine. If not, you may need to replace the power cord.
=== Circuit board is damaged ===
If your Cuisinart is not responding or not working properly, you may need to replace or fix the circuit board.
== Buttons on faceplate do not work or get stuck ==
''Your Cuisinart buttons are stuck or does not work when pressed.''
=== Buttons have become stuck ===
If Cuisinart buttons have become stuck and do not return to original position, ensure the buttons are not cracked or damaged. If they are, consider replacement. You may need to remove the buttons and clear around their edges.
=== Buttons have become disconnected/ have failing connections ===
Remove the circuit board behind buttons and LCD display and make sure that the metal on the button makes contact with the circuit board. Also, clean the contact to the malfunctioning button to ensure they can properly make contact.