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Revision to Cobra SPX 5300 Troubleshooting

Samantha Delle

=== Faulty Power Cord ===
Your power cord connecting the device to your cigarette lighter outlet may be faulty. Pull the cord out and reinsert it multiple times. If there is still no response, you should check the cord in a different outlet. If there is still no response, you may want to buy a new power cord.
=== Bad Cigarette Lighter Fuse ===
Unscrew the tip of the cigarette lighter plug and make sure that all of the fuses are connected properly. If they are connected, test your device’s power cord in a different cigarette lighter within the vehicle to ensure that the power cord is not the problem. If they are not connected, the fuses may need to be replaced or repaired.
=== Bad 12V DC Power Jack ===
=== Faulty Battery ===
If the power cord and cigarette lighter fuse are functional, but your device is still not responding or won’t hold a charge, your battery may be faulty. You will want to replace the battery.
== Detector Issuing False Alerts ==
=== Incorrect Settings and Channels ===
The factory setting for the device is Highway Mode. If you change your setting to City Mode, the device picks up only stronger signals, like police radar, and reduces conflicting signals, like microwave towers, which lead to false alerts. The POP mode sensor is also very sensitive, so limiting your use to highway and rural driving should reduce the number of false alerts.
== Detector Not Issuing Alerts ==
=== Muted ===
The mute button might be pressed. Check in the Cobra SPX 5300 Radar Detector that the middle left button that says “MUTE” is not pressed, otherwise all the alerts will be shut off. If it is pressed, just press it again to activate the alert sounds.
=== Faulty Speaker ===
If the mute button is not pressed and there are still no alerts issued from the Cobra SPX 5300 Radar Detector, the speakers might be faulty. You will want to replace them.
=== Bad Position ===

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