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Revision to Chromo Inc T2 Troubleshooting

Ismael DeLuna

[summary]Released September 2013.[/summary]
== Chromo Inc T2 won’t turn on ==
Before we go any further in troubleshooting the device, press and release your power button three times to ensure the button is not sticking and that you feel the click. If there is no click, your power button is faulty and needs to be replaced. If this is not your problem, try holding down the button for 10 seconds. If none of these initially solves your problem, read on.
=== Drained/Bad BatterDrained Battery ===
=== Drained/Bad BatterDrained Battery ===
If your tablet won’t turn on, check to make sure the battery isn’t dead after continuous use. Plug your tablet in through its corresponding cable to either a computer or AC adapter to see if anything happens. If it still does not turn on, your batter may no longer hold a charge and must be replaced with a new battery.

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