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Revision to Canon imageCLASS MF4350d Troubleshooting

Evan McKee

-== Printer is not working ==
+== Scanner is not functioning properly ==
-''No matter what you do, you can't get your printer to work''
+''The scanner does not capture the correct image.''
=== Scanner glass is broken ===
-The scanner's glass is easily replaced
+If the scanner's glass is cracked, chipped or shattered, it can be easily replaced.
=== Scanner belt is not working ===
=== Scanner light doesn't turn on ===
-It is possible that the light is broken and needs to be replaced.
+If the scanner's light doesn't turn on, it may be broken and need replacement.
-=== Printer makes unusual sounds ===
+== Printer makes a buzzing sound ==
-The transformer needs to be replaced
+''The printer makes a buzzing sound when it is on.''
-The speaker needs to be replaced (but we recommend removing it)
+=== Bad transformer ===
+If your printer is making a buzzing noise, you may need to replace the transformer.
+== Audio malfunction ==
+''The printer is providing distorted sound or no sound at all.''
+=== Broken speaker ===
+If your printer's audio is misbehaving, you may need to replace the speaker.

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