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Revision to Boosted Board 1st Generation Troubleshooting

Kyle Trambley

[title|Boosted Board 1st Generation Troubleshooting]
== Clicking Sound While Riding ==
"While riding the board or just spinning the wheels, there is a constant clicking sound"
=== Skateboard Bearings Are Dirty ===
=== Pully Bearings Are Dirty ===
== Grinding Sound While Braking or Accelerating ==
"When trying to break or accelerate there is a ''loud'' grinding sound"
=== Belts Are Not Tightened ===
== Board Wont Power On ==
"When pressing the power button on the board, the board won't power on"
=== Battery Not Sufficiently Charged ===
== Board Wont Accelerate or Break ==
"When trying to accelerate or break nothing happens"
=== Belts are Broken ===
=== Motors are Broken ===
== Wheels Wont Spin Freely ==
"Wheels won't spin freely or, while riding, the wheels seem stiff and you don't move far"
=== Wheel Nut Tightened to Much ===
=== Skateboard Bearings are Dirty ===
== Remote Not Charging or Low Battery Life ==
"The remote doesn't seem to hold a charge or there is always low battery life"
=== Battery Is Dead ===