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Revision to BLU energy x plus Troubleshooting

Sujal Patel

First, take a deep breath and check if your phone is still functional. Unfortunately, the PS LCD capacitive touchscreen is fused together so you will have to replace the entire screen as one piece. These parts can be found at [|bluphoneparts|new_window=true].
=== Slow or LaggingUnresponsive Screen ===
=== Slow or LaggingUnresponsive Screen ===
It is possible that the chip inside the phone, called the motherboard, could be acting strangely causing the LCD screen to lag. You should first perform a hard reset on the phone and then check if the phone is working properly. Otherwise, it may be a malfunction in the motherboard
If none of the above solutions work, then the problem most likely lies in the motherboard. Follow this guide to determine how to repair the motherboard.
== Will Not Connect To Wi-Fi ==
== Will Not Connect To Wi-Fi ==
''The phone will not connect to Wi-Fi.''

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