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Revision to BLU energy x plus Troubleshooting

Joshua Kashinsky

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[title|BLU Energy X Plus Troubleshooting]
[summary]The BLU Energy X Plus smart phone with a 5.5" screen with an 8 MP camera.[/summary]
== Phone will not turn on ==
''The phone will not turn on when you press the power button''
=== The battery is bad or drained ===
If you can charge the phone, and the phone still does not turn on then the battery might be bad.
=== The Display is bad ===
If the battery is fully charged and working properly, the display for the screen might have gone bad. If the sounds for the phone were muted prior to the phone not turning on then you might not be able to tell if the display is just not working.
See the link to replace the screen.
=== Bad motherboard ===
If the two solutions above are unsuccessful, then you have a bad motherboard. Click [guide|33523|Here] to see our guide on how to replace the motherboard.
== Broken Screen Replacement ==
=== Repair display wire ===
A display that is grayed out or discolored may be caused by a frayed wire. It may not be necessary to replace this wire, repairing it may solve the issue. Click [guide|33431|Here] to see how to do this.
=== Bad display ===
If the step above does not work, the display is bad and will need to be replaced.
== Blurry Picture Quality ==
'' Pictures come out blurry and out of focus''
=== Dirty camera lens ===
Clean off the camera lens with a cloth.
=== There's fog in the camera lens ===
If the phone was in a humid environment, then it could have caused the inside of the camera lens to fog up. Place the phone in a bowl of rice for a day to dry the lens out.
=== Camera is bad ===
If the steps above does not work, the camera is bad and will need to be replaced.
== Distorted or no audio ==
''The sound quality is fuzzy or you can’t hear anything at all''
=== Loose Connection ===
The wiring to the speaker is either not connected or loosely connected.
=== Broken Speaker ===
The speaker itself may be damaged and require replacement.
=== Bad motherboard ===
If none of the above solutions work, then the problem most likely lies in the motherboard. Follow [guide|33523|This] guide to determine how to repair the motherboard.
== Wi-Fi ==
Before trying to troubleshoot your BLU Energy X Plus problems, try resetting the phone by turning it off and back on.

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