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Revision to Asus ROG G53SW-XT1

Alexander Lovrien

[title|Asus ROG G53SW-XT1]
== Keyboard/Keys Will Not Respond ==
β€˜β€™The keys on your keyboard will not respond, are broken, or missing.’’
=== Malfunctioning Keyboard ===
'' If no operation of your keyboard will work. ''
If the entire keyboard seems to be faulty, try replacing it with this guide.
=== The Keys Cannot Be Pressed ===
'' If the key are stuck, or will not move ''
If the keys will cannot be pressed, there may be some physical object preventing them from doing so. If this is the case, try removing the keys, taking an electronically approved cleaning wipe, and remove anything beneath the keys, and wipe the area down thoroughly. Then replace any removed keys.
=== Keys Are Missing ===
If there are missing keys, replace them