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Revision to Asus ROG G53SW-XT1

scott smith

Take the plug fully out and then fully place back into the motherboard. Make sure it’s seated fully in the socket
== Dead or Rapidly/Rapidly Dying Batery ==
‘’Your battery is not charging when it is plugged into a power source as indicated by “plugged in but not Charging” on its status.’’
=== Battery is not charging ===
First shutdown your laptop laptop (either through the start menu or holding the power button for several seconds). After the laptop has been shut down, unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery. Next, plug the AC adapter back in, turn on the laptop, and log on. After logging on, shutdown your laptop again and remove the AC adapter. Re-insert the battery then the AC adapter and turn on your computer. Your battery status should now say, “plugged in and charging”. If your battery fails to charge you may need a replacement battery.

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