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Revision to Asus Chromebook C300M Troubleshooting

Nicole Pembroke

''There is no response when attempts are made to start the device''
-=== Laptop needs to charge ===
+=== Battery needs to charge ===
Plug in the power adapter to laptop and let charge for five to ten minutes. Open the laptop and attempt to press the on button. If the laptop still refuses to turn on, there may be a battery malfunction (see Battery will not charge for details).
-=== CPU issues ===
+=== Laptop has CPU issues ===
If plugging in the adaptor does not fix the problem, this may possibly mean an issue with the CPU (central processing unit), which will need to be replaced.
-== Battery will not Charge ==
+== Battery is Not Charging ==
''Laptop only uses power adapter for power supply and cannot fall back on internal battery''
-=== Broken Power Adapter ===
+=== Power Adapter is Faulty ===
Make sure the power cord is completely connected to the Chromebook. Check for the battery icon on the desktop to see if the battery has begun charging. If the laptop does not register the charge, consider buying a new power adapter.
-== Shuts off when unplugged ==
+== Laptop Shuts off When Unplugged ==
''Laptop only functions when power adapter is plugged in''
''Attempts to enter text using the keyboard is unsuccessful''
-=== Dirty or Sticky Keys ===
+=== Keys are Dirty or Sticky ===
If you are trying to type but keys are not registering the key strokes, try cleaning the keyboard to remove any substances such as dirt, dust, or dried liquid. Once thoroughly cleaned, attempt to type on the keyboard. If the keys are still not registering, try pressing down in the exact center of the key.
-=== Faulty Keyboard Sensory Pad ===
+=== Faulty Keyboard Sensory Pad is Not Responding to Keystroke ===
The keyboard sensor pad underneath the keys may have shifted so that keys will only register if hit dead center. To fix this, you will most likely need to replace the sensor pad under the keyboard.
== Poor Screen Quality ==
-''Laptop display has limited or non-exisitant''
+''Laptop display has limited or non-existent''
=== Faulty Brightness Keys ===

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