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Revision to Anki Vector Troubleshooting

Shay Takei

-== Vector is not charging ==
+== Vector Is Not Charging ==
-=== Charger seating ===
+''Vector, when placed on his charger, does not indicate that he is charging''
+=== Charger Seating ===
Verify that Vector is fully seated on his charger and that there is good contact with the charging pads
-=== Charger is not plugged in completely ===
+=== Charger Is Not Plugged In Completely ===
ensure that the charger’s USB connection is secure
-=== Problematic battery ===
+=== Problematic Battery ===
Check Vector’s battery by turning him on and allowing his batter to die. If you see a
Normally . If he fails to do this, use Vector’s  customer Care Info Screen (CCIS) by referring to [|this guide]
-== Vector is not turning on ==
+== Vector Is Not Turning On ==
''Vector will not show signs of being powered on when you hold down his power button''
-=== Vector is not charged ===
+=== Vector Is Not Charged ===
Vector has lost any power in his battery. Put him on his charging pad, or follow [|this guide] on charging issues
-== My WI-FI network is not displayed on the network list ==
+== My WI-FI Network Is Not Displayed On The Network List ==
''When attempting to connect Vector to a WI-FI network, the desired network is not shown on the list of available networks''
-=== '''Incompatible network''' ===
+=== '''Incompatible Network''' ===
Ensure your network is capable and has activated  802.11n 2.4GHz mode
Reboot your WI-FI router
-== Cannot connect Vector to Bluetooth ==
+== Cannot Connect Vector To Bluetooth ==
''The Vector app cannot find Vector via Bluetooth or the app cannot get past the “searching for Vector” message.''
Reboot vector in recovery mode and erase the user data by following [|this guide]
-== Vector cannot find his charger ==
+== Vector Cannot Find His Charger ==
-=== Charger is on a troublesome surface ===
+''Vector fails to navigate or locate his charger''
+=== Charger Is On A Troublesome Surface ===
Ensure charger is placed on a hard, flat, and opaque surface free of reflections and Vibrations.
-=== Charger is obstructed ===
+=== Charger Is Obstructed ===
Keep the path between vector and the charger unobstructed (his cube can obstruct the path).
-=== Poor lighting ===
+=== Poor Lighting ===
Make sure vector is able to see his charger by eliminating poor lighting
Check if his camera is functional by  having him locate his cube or recognize a face
-== Error codes on Vector’s display ==
+== Error Codes On Vector’s Display ==
''The error codes'' 898, 899, 981, 915, 917, or 980 show up on Vector’s Display.
-=== Allow Vector to restart ===
+=== Allow Vector To Restart ===
Wait 30 seconds for vector to automatically restart
-If vector does not reboot, refer to [http://|this guide] on how to boot him up in recovery
+If vector does not reboot, refer to [|this guide] on how to boot him up in recovery
-== Vector does not understand me ==
+== Vector Does Not Understand Me ==
''Vector is not following commands , responding to “Hey Vector”, or indicates the he doesn’t understand what’s being said''
Configure Vector’s language to correspond to your accent, not location.
-=== Use of Unsupported Commands ===
+=== Use Of Unsupported Commands ===
refer to the Vector app for a list of valid commands
Make sure that vector has an ample charge as he will not respond to commands when his battery is low
-=== Time to think ===
+=== Time To Think ===
Pause after saying “Hey Vector” and wait for Vector’s back to illuminate and the alert tone to sound before stating your command
-=== Vector needs to be prompted manually ===
+=== Vector Needs To Be Prompted Manually ===
Press vector’s back once to bypass the voice prompt, then state your command
If Vector indicates that he cannot understand you, ensure that you are not holding him, eliminate any background noise, speak clearly and loudly at a normal speed, make sure not trying to integrate the command with another phrases, or be sure to give vector one command at a time
-== Vector is not making any sound ==
+== Vector Is Not Making Any Sound ==
+''Vector is inaudible and is not producing response sounds when prompted''
=== Device Error ===
Reboot Vector
-=== Volume is set too low ===
+=== Volume Is Set Too Low ===
Adjust the volume slider located in the settings of the Vector app.
-=== ===

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