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Revision to 2011 Ford Mustang GT Troubleshooting

Matt Morris

[flag|student owned]
[title|2011 Ford Mustang GT Troubleshooting]
== Car speaker(s) won't play sound ==
''Your speakers will not work properly. .''
=== Volume may be low ===
Try turning the volume knob or pressing it in.
=== Fuse may be blown ===
Examine the fuses to see if they are still intact.(See guide here)
=== Speaker may be disconnected ===
Check behind the center console to see if wires are all intact. (See guide here)
== Reduced Steering Abilities ==
"Your car is having difficulty turning, or the steering feels unusual."
=== Tire appears flat or low on air ===
Check tire pressures and replace tire. (See guide here)
=== Car appears unaligned ===
Go to a local shop with your car and have them check if your car is unaligned. Most car shops will perform this check for free.
== Car's appearance is unappealing ==
=== Car may require a personal touch ===
Check out our guides (See guide here) for replacing some parts to give your car a different look.
== Relevant Links ==
[|Fuse-box replacement]
[|Steering wheel replacement]
[|Removing the center console]
[|Replacing the emblem]