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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Your Titan 2 is having issues connecting to wifi.

Ensure that the wifi setting is turned on in the settings menu.

It seems obvious, but many wireless connection issues are due to users typing in the wrong network key. Ensure that your wireless router's information (i.e. SSID, encryption type, password, etc.) matches what you have typed into the tablet.

The problem may not be with the tablet at all, but it may be an issue with your wireless router. First, unplug your router, wait about ten minutes, and plug it back in. Recheck the connection after the router has rebooted. (Note that this can take several minutes)

No matter what you do, your Hipstreet Titan 2 HD will not turn on

The power button must be held down for approximately 10 seconds to turn the Hipstreet Titan 2 HD on.

Ensure that the battery is fully charged; if it does not turn on even after charging, the battery may need replaced. Refer to this guide to replace the tablet's battery.

If the battery is working properly but the screen does not display anything, the screen may need replaced. There are a few things that may be going wrong with the screen. Most likely, the electrical connections between the screen and the motherboard are broken.

Open the device and check all the connections between the inner and outer screen. If there is not an obvious loose connection, replacing the outer screen may fix the problem. Refer to this guide to learn how to replace the outer screen.

No audio can be heard, or quality is distorted when using the 3.5mm audio jack.

Check to ensure the headphones use a 3.5mm audio input. If the correct input is being used verify headphones work by testing them in another device. If headphones do not function properly in other devices, you have faulty headphones and should consider a replacement pair of headphones.

When sound is distorted or cannot be heard out of functioning headphones there may be a faulty input on the tablet. If sound is distorted the 3.5mm audio input may be damaged or loose. Use this guide to open the device and check the 3.5mm audio input's connection to the motherboard.

Your tablets volume keys do not raise or lower sound.

If your tablet will not adjust volume settings when using the volume controls, you have damaged buttons or something underneath the keys preventing the button from depressing. In order to clean out underneath keys follow this guide to open up the tablet and remove any obstructions beneath the volume control buttons.

Your Titan 2 HD won’t take pictures or display video.

If your Titan 2 HD will not take photos or videos, the camera may be turned off. Check the device settings; if the settings are set up properly and your tablet still will not take pictures, the camera may need replaced. Refer to this guide to learn how to replace the camera.

Your tablet will not open files from a Micro SD.

Ensure that there are no device settings enabled that would disable the Micro SD card reader.

Ensure the Micro SD card is not broken or damaged. Test Micro SD are on another device. If other device does not recognize your Micro SD card either, it may be damaged.

If you have verified that the Micro SD card itself is functioning properly, check that the Micro SD card reader is properly connected to the motherboard. Refer to this guide to open the tablet and check the connection.

If you have verified that the Micro SD card itself is functioning properly and that the Micro SD card reader does not have an obvious bad connection to the motherboard, your Titan 2 HD tablet may have a faulty Micro SD card reader. In this case, the tablet's Micro SD card reader should be replaced.

Your tablet's screen is either too dark or you cannot see anything at all.

If your screen is really dark but you can still see the display, you can adjust the brightness in the settings menu.

There are two screens on the device, an outer protective screen and an inner screen. Most often, the outer screen is the damaged portion and can be replaced easily and inexpensively. Refer to this guide to replace the outer screen.

Your Titan 2 HD's built-in speaker plays distorted sound or no sound at all.

If the device is not playing any sound, check the device's audio settings because they may be set to mute.

If all of the audio settings are set up properly and there is still no sound from the speaker, try using a pair of headphones in the audio jack. If the sound works properly from the headphones then the device's built-in speaker needs to be replaced. Refer to this guide to replace the built in speaker.

Alternatively, if the device's built-in speaker does output sound, but it is distorted or crackling, the speaker should still be replaced. Refer to this guide to replace the built in speaker.


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