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HP Split X2 Program Unresponsive Troubleshooting

HP Split X2

What to do if you have an Unresponsive Program on your HP Split X2

If you have an unresponsive program on your HP Split X2 there are several steps you can take in order to fix the problem.

First you can try reloading the program.

  • If the program has a circular arrow on the top left try clicking/tapping it in order to reload the program
  • Try exiting completely out of the program by clicking/tapping the X on the top right corner.

As a last resort shut down or restart the device

  • If that is also unresponsive try force closing the program by using the key board and press ctrl + shft + esc. This will take you to task manager and you can exit out of the unresponsive program through that.
  • If nothing else works then completely shut down the computer by pulling up the start menu and restarting it or pressing the power button to force a shut down.


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