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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

HP Split 13-r010dx trouble shooting

The HP Split is a laptop tablet combo that came out in 2013. Typical issues with this Laptop/ tablet combo are: unresponsive programs, battery issues, issues with bluetooth, and Micro SD card issues.

  • If a program on the device is unresponsive, first try reloading the page by tapping the circular arrow in the upper left hand corner.
  • Or try exiting out of the program completely by tapping the red X in the upper right hand corner. After open up the program again and retry.

If the program is causing your entire computer to freeze try these options.

  • Force close the program by pressing down on the keyboard CTRL + ATL + ESC. This will take you to task manager where you can force close the program.
  • Or shutdown the computer by pressing and holding the power button. This will turn the computer off completely. After wait 30 seconds and turn the computer back on.
  • If the MicroSD card is stuck inside the card slot you can go to the Memory card properties and highlight the SD card and eject the SD card.
  • If that option doesn't work you may need to manually dismantle the laptop and gently push the SD card out of the card slot.

If your HP Split 13 is not reading the MicroSD card it could be one of the following options.

  • Your MicroSD card is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • The MicroSD slot is damaged and need to be fixed.
  • Open Bluetooth settings and click to open "advanced settings" and your device should pop up on a list of available Bluetooth devices. If your device does not show up try typing in the name of the device you are looking for.
  • If these options fail try restarting Bluetooth settings and try again. If the problem doesn't resolve itself you have a dead Bluetooth chip and it must be replaced.
  • Open Bluetooth settings and make sure you have a secure connection with your device. Make sure you are the only user connected to the device. If you are still having connection issues try disconnecting from the device, restarting the other device and restart Bluetooth settings. Attempt to connect again to the device, the problem should be resolved.
  • If the device Bluetooth signal continues to go in and out then your Bluetooth chip is dying and needs to be replaced. You may an electrical short in the wires leading to the Bluetooth chip. Both problems should be handled with caution.
  • First ensure that the power adapter is plugged into the laptop. Make sure plug is firmly connected to the adapter brick. If it still fail to charge the laptop, it will need to replace.
  • The battery may overheat because fans are covered in dust and not able to properly circulate air. You need to remove battery from the laptop. Clean the battery and battery housing unit. Now place the battery again into the laptop. Replace the battery if the battery continues to overheat after all these steps.
  • If your laptop fails to maintain charge. You need to start with shut down the window and make sure that laptop is power off. Now disconnect the AC Plug and flip over the computer and take out the battery.
  • Once the battery is out, connect the AC Plug back in to the laptop. Now power off the laptop and load window up and once window finished loading, click on start and go to control panel and click on device manager and it will open up the device manager listing.
  • Click left on battery and un-install Microsoft ACPI complaint control listings. There are more than one. Now go back to desk top and shut down laptop and make sure the laptop power off.
  • Flip the laptop over and disconnect the AC Plug and put the battery back into the laptop. Once you successfully reinstall battery into laptop, reconnect the AC Plug back into laptop and power up the laptop.


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