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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

HP Pavilion 15-d035dx Troubleshooting

''Released in 2014, model d035dx.''

‘’If the Pavilion is not to the processing speed you desire.’’

Start by restarting the Pavilion to close all unwanted background apps. Then proceed to clear out the recycle bin and clear all cookies on all browsers.

Start by restarting the Pavilion to close all programs that are open and running in the background. Then go into the settings and open the program tab and delete all unused programs that you do not use or will ever use, i.e. video games, movies, extra picture etc.

Start by restarting the Pavilion to close all unwanted background apps. Then run a program to find if your drivers are up to date. If the drivers are not up to date then go onto the drivers site that your Pavilion uses and update the drivers through the website. Also restore your drivers to factory setting. If this does not help then take your laptop to a professional to factory reset your Pavilion and to redownload the system you use without paying extra.

Start by restarting the Pavilion to close all unwanted background apps. If the computer is still running to slow or not the desired speed then go and remove all unwanted programs and other objects that take up extra unnecessary room.

‘’Not being able to hear any sound from the computer’’

First try restarting your computer, this can help reset any settings that are causing the problem. If this doesn’t fix the problem, move onto another option.

If speakers are plugged in, set the volume control knob to the setting you want. If no speakers are connected, go to the control panel by moving your mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen and right-clicking, then go to “Control Panel”. Click “Hardware and Sound” on the left, then go to Adjustment system volume which is under sound. Make sure the volume is not muted and that it is raised to at least 75%. If it is muted, click the “Mute” button to enable the sound. Then raise the volume to 75%, if you hear a sound from all speakers you are finished troubleshooting. If not move onto another fix.

Hover mouse over left bottom corner of the screen, then right-click to pull up options, click on the “Device Manager”. Double click the “Sound, video and game controllers” option. Then right-click on the name of the audio device then click on “Properties”. Next click the tab labeled “Driver”. Finally click the option “Roll Back Driver” and press enter on the keyboard. Check for sound, if this doesn’t work you may need to update the audio driver.

Follow the same steps for restoring the audio driver, instead of clicking Roll Back Driver, click “Update Driver”. Check for sound again.

‘’If you encounter any of these it is likely that your motherboard is no longer working properly, it should be taken to a technician to be repaired.’’

When the power button is pressed the HP laptop stays turned off. This could be caused by the motherboard itself being damaged or the monitor connector being loose or being disconnected.

If the HP laptop is restarting over and over with nothing on the screen it is very likely there is a hardware issue. It could be anything from it getting too hot because something is not cooling properly to the hard drive not being connected properly.

Screen is full of squiggles or vertical/horizontal lines that disrupt vision to what is on the screen. GPU stand for Graphics Processing Unit and is what focuses on making the laptop visuals render.

If the HP laptop is not turning on then it could be that the power connector within the HP laptop has been damaged or the motherboard itself is simply broken.

If you are unable to connect through the internet then it could be your WLan drivers. First check to see if your drivers are corrupted or out of date. If neither of those are the answer then it is likely that the Wifi Card inside of the laptop has been damaged or is entirely broken.

‘’Any problems related to the power supply; these are serious because without a functioning power supply, electrical devices are unable to power on.‘’

‘’ Pavilion will not hold charge, and must be constantly plugged in. ‘’

In this case the battery is most likely fried (caused by being constantly plugged in). To fix this the battery must be replaced.

This could be a dysfunctional wire, broken button or other component, or a dead battery. To narrow down the cause try turning it on while plugged directly into the wall.

If sometimes the Pavilion will randomly turn off, the issue might be a wiring issue that can disengage the power source, or engage the power off button.

An old will not hold a charge. Batteries only function properly for so long, or so many charge cycles. A battery constantly plugged in or used for longer than the recommended time will not hold as much electricity, or battery life will be shortened. Best fixed by replacement.


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