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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The laptop shows no signs of turning on when pressing the power button.

Plug the laptop to the power adapter and ensure the LED next to the adapter plug turns on. If the LED doesn't turn on, then the power adapter is faulty. Consider ordering a new power adapter.

Plug in the laptop to the power adapter and ensure the LED turns on. If the laptop turns on, attempt to let it charge for a period of 10 minutes. Unplug the power adapter, and if the laptop instantly turns off, the battery is faulty. Consider ordering a replacement battery and follow our battery replacement guide here.

If the laptop is not turning on both with or without the power adapter, then it is likely that the motherboard is the problem. Consider replacing the motherboard.

The screen flashes many colors and has lines going through it.

If you are sure that no physical damage has occurred, then it is likely you need to update your graphics driver. Go to this site and enter your operating system. Download the graphics driver and install it.

If the driver did not recover the display, then the issue is likely physical damage. Consider ordering a replacement display and follow our display replacement guide.

Plugging in devices into a port results in nothing happening and the devices not responding.

Verify that the device is plugged in and still not responding. Download the driver for the device by going to the manufacturer page online. Install the driver and this process should cause the device to start functioning.

If the device is still not responding after downloading the device driver, then the issue may be the port itself. Go to HP's driver site here and enter your operating system. Download the driver for the port you are trying to use and then restart the computer. Plug the device back into the laptop.

Pressing down on keys results in no action or very delayed action.

If some individual keys are getting stuck, there may be physical debris holding the key in place. Consider removing the individual key and wiping the underside of it with a damp cloth. Dry the key completely and then reinsert the key.

If none of the keys are responding, hold down the power button and restart the machine. If the keys still do not respond after rebooting, then the keyboard may be faulty. Consider replacing the entire keyboard. Another solution is purchasing a USB keyboard and using that instead of the built-in keyboard.

The computer is unable to connect to the internet.

After ensuring other devices can connect to the internet, use a different device to go to HP's driver website here. Enter your operating system and download the network driver. Move the driver file from the different device onto the HP laptop and install it.

If the laptop still fails to connect to the internet, it is possible the Wi-Fi module has been damaged. Consider ordering a replacement part from HP and follow a repair guide. Another easier solution would be to purchase a USB Wi-Fi adapter and connect to the internet through that instead.

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Hi. Do you know how to fix the track pad? It no longer functions at all.

This site is awesome. A lot of good stuff.


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