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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

HP Pavilion 14-v062us Troubleshooting

A troubleshooting guide for common issues your laptop may have.

“Mousepad and keyboard aren’t responding”

“Whirring noise/loud fans”

If the computer is overheating, you might experience a lag or unresponsive mousepad and keyboard and/or your fan struggling to produce enough circulation to cool down your computer.

If your device is getting hot and unresponsive, this overheating could be caused by too much dust in your device. A cleaning of the device’s vents could fix this problem. Use this guide to get inside to the fan to clean.

If this doesn't fix the issue there could be an issue with your battery or power cord. See here for how to find out or replace these.

"My power cord gets extremely hot"

“My battery gets extremely hot”

“The battery on my power cord burned me”

See this guide on how to replace your battery.

If you purchased your laptop in between March 2013 and October 2016 there is likely a recall on the battery that you received with your device. It is essential that you check if your battery is affected, the faulty batteries can cause burns or even fires. Download the software to check your device for the recalled battery here If affected contact HP.

Your device could have an AC power cord affected by a government recall. It is essential to check if your power cord has the code “LS-15” molded onto one end, your device may be affected. Go here to get a replacement cord.

“Keys on keyboard aren’t working”

“Touchpad/mouse isn’t working”

Could be a sign of overheating if paired with more symptoms such as listed above.

If not a sign of overheating, replace keyboard/mouse with this guide.

“My screen is cracked”

"My screen is unresponsive"

"Touchscreen isn't working"

The screen digitizer may need to be replaced.

Use this guide to replace your screen if it is cracked or if the touchscreen is otherwise not responding to your touch.

“My USB ports don’t work”

“The USB ports don’t recognize my devices”

Software may need to be installed or updated before any USB is plugged into the USB ports. For notebooks, do not use a USB port replica/hub instead plug the USB directly into your notebook’s USB port. The chipset drivers are the hardware that is connected to the USB ports and help your notebook recognize the USB, so it may need updating which can be found in your notebook programs, labeled as HP Support Assistant.


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