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HP Omen 15-ax243dx Troubleshooting

The HP Omen is a gaming laptop released in 2014.

Even though the device is on, the screen is still off or not functioning.

First check to make sure the screen brightness is not at zero. Do so by pressing the function (Fn) and the F3 key in the top right corner of the keyboard at the same time. If this does not work, try pressing the Windows key and P at the same time. Try this once more and this will take the device out of presentation mode.

The screen has been cracked or damaged showing dark and white patches with some colored lines. To resolve this issue, consider replacing the screen.

After trying to input keys on the device, there is no response or an over response to input.

Keys are sticking to the device adding unnecessary letters to documents. For this, remove the key and clean the mechanisms to be sure there is nothing stuck.

The needed key is missing from the device making it difficult to use. To fix this issue, replace the keyboard.

If the keys on your keyboard fail to respond, consider replacing the keyboard.

The device won't charge and cannot turn on without plugging.

When unplugged, the device will not turn on. First try plugging the device in and charge it. If the battery will not hold a charge, replace the battery.

It is also possible that the device is running too software at the same time. To resolve this issue, open the task manager by pushing Ctrl, Alt, and Delete at the same time. In the processes tab, end any unused tasks to preserve the battery life.

Battery is popping noises and loads of smokes. Unplug the device from the power source immediately if connected. Remove the battery as quick as you can to prevent any damage to the device. Dispose of the battery properly. Replace the battery using this guide.

Error messages keep turning on when starting the device.

If you see a blue screen error, restart your laptop. Press F8 before the windows logo appears. Use the arrow keys to select the Safe Mode from the boot menu. At the Advanced Boot Options, select Repair your computer. At the System Recovery Options window, click Startup Repair. If it does not resolve the issue, replace the hard-drive.

Loud scratching or grinding noise coming from the device. Check if the grinding noise is coming from the hard drive by using the hard drive diagnostic software. If the drive keeps making noise even when you use the hard drive diagnostic software, do a complete backup of your system and replace the hard-drive.

The device is unusually hot and is making it difficult to use.

If the device is being not on a flat surface, proper venting will not occur. Move to a new location to fix this. Be sure that all vents are clear of debris using the compressed air can. If this does not fix the issue, replace the fans in the device.

There is no sound coming from the device when audio visuals are played.

There is no sounds coming from the device. On the top of the keyboard and towards the middle, there are 3 different keys with speaker symbols. The one on the left mutes the computer, middle lowers volume, and right raises volume. While holding the function (Fn) key, press the mute key once. If this does not work, repeat the last step, but this time press the volume up key instead of the mute key. If neither function works, replace the speakers.

Audio coming from the left of the device is not the same as audio coming from the right. To solve this issue, begin by right clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click playback devices. Click speakers. Click properties. Click the advanced tab on the properties window. Change the default format drop-down to the highest quality. Apply the properties.

Click OK to close the properties window. Restart the device, and test the sound. If this does not work, replace the speakers.

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My hp omen pc is in this audio repair for almost a month

what do I do??

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