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HP Envy 15-u001dx Troubleshooting

I can't see a picture on screen when computer is on.

Make sure that the monitor brightness is at 100% by pressing and holding the "f3" key for 2 seconds (located in the top left-hand corner of the keyboard).

Shine a flashlight at the screen. If you can see an image while shining the flashlight at the screen , the backlight may need replacing.

If the screen is visibly damaged and you cannot see an image by shining a flashlight at the screen, connect to a separate monitor. If the image appears on the other monitor, the screen needs replacing. Refer to this guide on how to replace the screen.

I can hear my computer turn on but it never gets to the windows screen.

Restart PC and press "f2" repeatedly while it is turning on and booting to access "HP PC Hardware Diagnostics" menu. Use the arrow-keys and press "Enter" to select "Hard drive check" from menu, then select "Run Quick Check". If this fails then the hard drive is faulty and needs replacing. Please refer to this guide to replace the hard drive.

My computer gets very hot when in use and there is a loud noise every time I turn on the laptop.

Over time, dust and other things will get sucked into the computer fan which cools the laptop. If you notice your laptop overheating faster than normal and is making a lot of noise, try cleaning the fans with a can of compressed air. Refer to this guide for the initial steps in getting to the fan.

If the overheating continues or you notice a rattling noise, the fan might need replacement. Refer to this guide to replace fan.

When I start typing, some of the keys don't seem to work.

If restarting the PC does not resolve the issue, a possible solution is to click the "Windows" icon on screen, select "Settings" icon, select "Devices", then at the bottom of the page click "Device Manager". In "Keyboards", uninstall the drivers and restart the PC. (If no drivers appear in "Keyboards", at the top, click "View" and then "Show hidden devices.")

Remove the unresponsive keys and clean. You may refer to this guide to replace keys.

The battery does not charge after connecting to adapter.

Check the small, metal pin inside the head of your power cable that plugs into your laptop. If it appears bent, use a small tool to reshape the pin correctly. Refer to this guide to fix pin.

If battery icon, located on the bottom right side of your screen, does not show a charging symbol then disconnect the adapter from outlet to prevent any electrical harm to you or your device. Check along the cord and adapter for any cuts or wire exposure. Replace the charger if you notice any.

If the pin is intact and no wires are exposed you can replace the battery using this guide.

I can't connect to WiFi.

Sometimes things can get changed by accident when working on WiFi connections. Make sure that the laptop is not in "Airplane Mode" by looking in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. If you see an airplane press "f12" and the airplane should disappear.

First check how fast your current connection is utilizing this site. Compare your results with what is specified by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and see if you are receiving the full service. If everything is clear from them to your location then the problem is in-house. Most home routers aren't built for large distance coverage. Check if being in the same room as the router helps. If it does then you might need to consider either upgrading the router itself or replacing the wireless card. Refer to this guide to replace the wireless network card.

If you cannot connect to the network, you need to do a ping test to confirm your laptop is connected to the router. The router is what communicates to the world from your home or office. Press the "Windows" icon key and the "R" key at the same time. Type "cmd" in the small box that appears in the lower left corner and left-click "OK" . Type "ipconfig /all" into the black box labeled "Command Prompt" that pops up and press the "Enter" key. If you cannot find the words "IPv6 Address" or "IPv4 Address" by scrolling and reading the text in the black box, the wireless network card is probably broken. Refer to this guide to replace the wireless network card.


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