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Garmin StreetPilot c330 Troubleshooting

The StreetPilot is a touch screen GPS device that was released in early 2005.

Your StreetPilot will not turn on

Before replacing the battery or power supply, follow the steps below

Check to see if your StreetPilot is firmly plugged in. If it is, you may have a problem with the power cable. Test multiple sockets to verify that it is not a faulty power source, but a problem with the StreetPilot itself.

Try resetting the StreetPilot. Plug it in. Remove the gray frame on the front of the screen by taking your fingernail and prying at the slot under the logo "GARMIN". Underneath the plastic frame on the right hand side is a "RESET" button. While it is still plugged in, press the "RESET" button.

Your StreetPilot will not stay on when unplugged

Before replacing the battery, follow the steps below

Charge the Battery

First, plug in the StreetPilot and turn it on to verify that it is a power issue, rather than a problem with the internal working or display. Next, charge the Garmin for an hour and attempt to run it off of battery power. If your StreetPilot dies soon after being unplugged, you probably have a battery issue.

Your StreetPilot will not give audio output

Before replacing the speakers, follow the steps below

Check the volume

There is a volume knob on the top right side of the device; turning the wheel clockwise increases the volume. Verify that your device has volume on and is not muted.

Charge the device

If the device is low on charge, the volume may not function properly. Try charging the device or plugging it in to make sure that it is not a power issue.

None of the Above

Nothing above describes the issue you are having, or the issue was not resolved after trying all possible solutions.

Buy a new one!


Mi Street Pilot c330 doesn't locate Satellites

Isabel - Reply

Mine either. Wonder what the problem is :-)

I notice that there is a connector for an antenna (not mentioned in the manual); maybe hooking up an external antenna would help. If we could find an antenna, that is.

Oh, well, it only cost me $5.00 at a garage sale.

Allen Windhorn -

my streetpilot does not have enough space to download the maps, what can be done?

jawyble - Reply

Thanks a lot I was about to order a battery and I saw where it had a reset button so I hit the reset button and it came right on I had my put up for about 7 months when I turned it on it went completely dead so I charged it up thinking it had a dead battery and after about 2 hours I thought it might be my cord until I find that reset buddy thanks a lot.

Rob Cherry - Reply

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