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Fujifilm FinePix XP80 Troubleshooting

Released January 15, 2015, can be identified by model number XP80.

You have trouble turning on your camera.

Reconnect the battery to the charger for approximately 120 minutes . Remove battery from the charger, and insert it into the camera.

Remove battery from the slot, and reinsert the battery, making sure the two contact points are at the bottom before sliding the battery back in the slot. More detailed instructions regarding battery placement can be found here: Fujifilm FinePix XP80 Battery Replacement

Your battery shows signs of damage.

Replace the damaged battery with a new battery.

Replace the damaged battery with a new battery.

Replace the damaged battery with a new battery.

Replace the damaged battery with a new battery.

Verify the battery is fully charged. If a fully-charged battery is confirmed and the camera was fully-functional prior to the power button becoming inoperable, then proceed to the removal and replacement of the power button.

Fujifilm FinePix XP80 camera battery will not charge.

Check to make sure that the battery was inserted correctly into the camera. The metal contacts side of the battery should be inserted into the camera with the plain black side pointing out towards the user.

The battery life on the FujiFilm XP80 is 300 charging cycles. If charge capacity is decreasing after each use, or has decreased dramatically, then the battery life has most likely been reached. The battery, at this point, should be replaced.

The camera battery should be charged in normal temperatures. Furthermore, the battery should not be charged in temperatures above 40°C (104°F) and below 0°C (32 °F).

Flash light does not turn on when shooting.

Not all shooting modes actually need flash. Click on the menu button to display shooting mode options. Select right shooting mode, based upon scene and subject.

If the camera is on the continuous mode, the flash will not fire. To enable the flash to work, press the MENU/OK button. Scroll down the menu and use the right selector to click on CONTINUOUS. Click MENU/OK button to confirm you want the continuous mode off. Press DISP/BACK button to return to shooting.

Silent mode does not allow flash to fire. To disable this mode, press and hold the DISPLAY button. A message will show up, so be sure to follow instructions and hold the DISP/BACK button.

The SUPPRESSED flash mode will force the flash to not fire if activated. To deactivate/change flash mode, press right selector and choose desired flash mode. Press MENU/OK button to select chosen flash mode.

You have trouble with image clarity. If the following solutions do not fix your lens issues, you may need to replace the lens. More detailed instructions regarding lens replacement can be found here: Fujifilm FinePix XP80 Lens Replacement.

To take close up images, the MACRO shooting mode is best. This allows the camera to focus on subjects near the center of the frame. To select the MACRO shooting mode, press the left selector button (with the tulip icon).

Confirm the camera is not shooting in the MACRO mode. If camera is in MACRO mode, press the left selector button (with the tulip icon) and select OFF.

It is possible that your subject is not suited to the autofocus function. Focus Lock is an alternative focus function that can be used. To enable Focus Lock, position the subject in the focus frame and depress the shutter button halfway. This locks focus and exposure. Recompose your image, while keeping the shutter button pressed halfway. Once your image is composed as desired, fully depress the shutter button to capture your image.

Confirm if there is anything blocking the lens. If so, remove any objects away from the lens.

Give the camera ample time to autofocus before fully depressing the shutter button.

Use of flash or a tripod is recommended when camera shake is an issue.

Your images appear blotchy or display smears of color or lines.

Any blotches, lines, or smears of color in your images does not necessarily indicate a malfunction. Turn the camera off, and wait for it to cool down.

The camera and screen become unresponsive to user input. If the following solutions do not fix your screen issues, you may need to replace the screen. More detailed instructions regarding screen replacement can be found here: Fujifilm FinePix XP80 LCD Screen Replacement.

The camera may run into a random hardware or software error, which can cause it to lock up and become unresponsive. To solve this issue, make sure the camera is turned off, open up the side latch, and then remove and reinsert the battery.

The camera may become unresponsive if the battery has been overused. To fix this problem, remove the battery and recharge it, or replace the old battery with a new one.

The camera may freeze up, if it gets stuck in a loop of trying to connect to a wireless network. Simply disconnect from the network, and the camera should resume normal operation.

The camera may turn off if it has not been interacted with over a certain period of time. Just turn the camera back on to continue using it.


After firmware update message says to turn off camera how do Iget camera to work

Susan Utecht - Reply

My camera turns on but only white screen that is it o ly used it for two hours tben put back in box for 2 yrs taken it out and nothing else works you hear it turn on with white screen

christopher coupe - Reply

What if the camera only takes blank/black photos?

brenlm - Reply

So i was at a soccer game last year and i accidently dropped my camera do to my clumsy hands- so when I picked the camera up it looked fine. But that whens I made the misshapen of thinking it was fine- I went to take a picture and then soon had a heart attack when the scream froze and became unresponsive. And it been like that since.. have no clue what to do?

Lyndsay - Reply

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