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Fight the uphill battle of Gmail to Outlook Migration with the right artillery

Convert Gmail Takeout (MBOX) to Microsoft Outlook for Mac and Windows.

Email conversion has always been an uphill battle that you need to overcome to tilt the result in your favor. Earlier, this battle was fought with real manpower and the result produced were not up to the mark.

You needed a trained professional to get the job done for you and most of the time it resulted in a failure. But now the times have changed and so does the way of Gmail to Outlook Migration.

Nowadays, data is everything and the amounts in which it is generated is unbelievable. The need of Gmail to Outlook Migration is now more than ever. And the technological developments have led to building of smarter solution to achieve what was un-achievable earlier.

Switch to a modern-day solution for your Gmail to Outlook Migration

Smarter solutions developed for achieving a better Gmail to Outlook Migration are the result of the technological development that has happened in the previous years. And that development has yielded the fruit in the form of Third-Party Converter tools.

Third-party converter tools are everything that you wished for when you manually attempted to go through with your Gmail to Outlook Migration. They offer you the latest features that make extracting, converting and storing the data easier, faster and most important of all, smarter.

But as the technology has developed, their number in the market has grown beyond proportion. So, choosing the right converter tool has become one of the most important steps in the conversion process.

And there is no better choice than USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro.

The most accurate tool in the market to get the most out of your Gmail to Outlook Migration

Accuracy is one the building blocks of a good conversion process. The main job of the converter is to convert your data from one format to another, so its accuracy needs to be high. Right?

Well, with Mail Extractor Pro you get the best in class accuracy. The tool’s accuracy is such that it converts everything coming its way. It converts all the data present in the input file down to the last bit.

Thus, leaving nothing behind and it doesn’t modify anything on any level during the conversion process, giving you a perfect Gmail to Outlook Migration.

To add to this the tool also converts the encoding scheme that has been the nightmare of every user, the Unicode format. Yes, the tool converts all your non-English data with ease and precision giving you a conversion process where all of your nested messages, calendar data etc. are retained.

The interface makes it a lot easier to carry out your Gmail to Outlook Migration

Interface is another feature that can be a deal maker or breaker in the case of Gmail to Outlook Migration. Most converter tools out there offer you a crowded interface that is hard to figure out and understand. Thus, making a hard process even scarier.

Mail Extractor Pro takes that into consideration. It provides you with one of the easiest to use interface. It only shows you what is needed for the conversion process to take place.

This makes it easier for even a first-time user to attain that flawless conversion process. To add to this the tool also offers informative wizards and dialog boxes to ensure that you don’t get lost while going through with the conversion process.



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