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Ehang GHOSTDRONE Aerial Plus 2.0 Troubleshooting

Released November 2015, model number 2.0

Landing Problems ¶ 

The legs of the GHOSTDRONE come off when landing.

Weak Propellers ¶ 

The GHOSTDRONE's propellers come off or don't spin fast enough.

Uncalibrated Compass ¶ 

Your GHOSTDRONE doesn't recognize Cardinal Directions.

Faulty Gimbal ¶ 

The Gimbal that holds the camera on the GHOSTDRONE comes off or doesn't hold the camera.

Battery Issues ¶ 

Your GHOSTDRONE displays ERR1 or ERR4 message on screen.

Frozen Battery ¶ 

If your Ehang GHOSTDRONE won't turn on or displays ERR4 on the display screen, replace the battery or send it back to manufacturer.

Battery Glitch ¶ 

If your Ehang GHOSTDONE is frozen on an ERR1 message on the display screen, reboot the device. Alternatively, take the battery out and reinsert in.

Calibration Issue ¶ 

Your GHOSTDONE doesn't calibrate the drone compass with your phone.

Faulty Gimbal ¶ 

The gimbal on your GHOSTDRONE won't stabilize

Weight Adjust Interrupted ¶ 

If the gimbal on your GHOSTDRONE won't stabilize, make sure the camera is attached to the gimbal before you power the gimbal on.

Loose Gimbal ¶ 

The gimbal on your GHOSTDRONE doesn't hold your camera securely.

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I can't get the goggles to connect to the camera, any suggestions?

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