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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Dyson Kinetic Big Ball Animal Upright vacuum.

Having trouble picking items up with your vacuum

Ensure that the brushbar button is turned on. The brushbar button is gray and located next to the power button. If the brushbar button is already turned on, then the problem may be within the brushbar itself. To remove and check the brushbar follow this guide.

Check to see if your filters are dirty. If the problem is still not fixed, turn the Dyson around and pull the red tab at the bottom of the Dyson straight out. Make sure there is nothing stuck inside the suction hose. Start with the external hose on the back, and try to see if you can feel any nicks or objects inside the hose blocking the airflow. Then, flip the Dyson upside down and check the internal hose.

There is little to no suction coming from the hose

Check the inside for objects or blockages. Remove the external hose and inspect it for kinks or objects stuck inside. To remove the hose and check for blockages, see this guide.

Make sure the hose is fitted correctly at the base of the Dyson. Make sure it is connected firmly.

The Dyson makes pungent smells and abnormal sounds

If there seems to be a strange smell when running the Dyson, it may be time to clean the Dyson. Two possible ways to eliminate odor are to change the filter and empty out the dust bin. Both can go overlooked for long periods of time. To change the filter, follow this guide.

If you notice a strange electrical burning smell, unplug the Dyson right away. This can be the result of a cable failure. Operating the Dyson with a fault cable can cause danger to the operator. The cable needs to be fixed before using the Dyson again.

If your Dyson is making a strange "popping sound" and giving off an acidic smell, then your Dyson may be experiencing a motor failure. A motor failure requires a full motor inspection which should be done with care and by a professional. In most cases, a new motor is required as well as a replacement of a post filter.

The vacuum will fall over rather than locking in place

If your vacuum is not able to stand up on its own, but still clicks when you raise it, the most common reason for this is that one of the components on the central duct assembly has broken off. If you remove the duct assembly from the vacuum, you can inspect the bottom half of the frame to check if the piece is still in tact. Along one section, representative of a gear, there should be a plastic cylinder about the diameter of a penny sticking up roughly one inch. If this feature is missing, this is the source of the problem. The other cause could be coming from the very top of the duct assembly as well. If either of these pieces are broken off, you will have to go to a Dyson repair center to have them fix the piece for you.

If there is no click when you return the vacuum to its upright position, the problem may be occurring with the stabilizer pedal. Lie the vacuum down on its front and firmly press down on the red plastic semi-circle stabilizer piece. This will then realign the pedal. If either the pedal or stabilizer pieces are broken you will have to bring the vacuum into the repair center as it is a very complex restoration process that could result in further damage to the vacuum if done incorrectly.

Power shuts off from the machine

Dyson vacuums are designed with an automatic safety system that will activate if the machine starts to overheat. If this occurs, the filter in your vacuum is most likely too full and is blocking the ventilation system. In the event that your vacuum powers off on its own, empty and wash the filter while checking for any potential blockages before placing it back into the vacuum. Unplug the device and allow it to cool for at least an hour before using again to avoid any long term damage.


==Trouble Picking Something Up ==

You have trouble picking something up with your vacuum.

=== Brushbar Will Not Rotate===

===Faulty Suction===

Karla Sunjara - Reply

Purchased Big Ball 4 months ago. It has completely stopped running. Sucking began to decline a month ago and now the only thing that works is the brush bar. Very poor machine. We have owned 3 Dyson's and this unit is not Dyson quality.

Doc Tom - Reply

I have same issue. Bought for Christmas 2017 now in May 2018vacuum will not turn on but brushbar still spins.


John Lehew -

Really bad vacuum , I have dogs and previous dyson vacuums have been very tough. This vacuum hasn’t lost suction after a few weeks and seems poorly constructed in comparison.

dijenkins71 - Reply

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