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Dell Venue 8 7840 Troubleshooting

Released January 2015, model number Dell Venue 8 7840

You have trouble charging your tablet.

If you tried to charge your tablet for a long time and it's still dead, there might be a problem with the tablet's software. Try to soft reset the tablet, because it's the tablet's software that decides on whether the tablet's battery will charge or not.

Check to see if the charger actually works. Get another tablet or phone that uses the same charger and try to charge that tablet or phone. If the tablet or phone charges, this means the charger is working. If the tablet or the phone does not charge, then this means the charger is faulty.

Sometimes dirt can accumulate inside the charger port of the tablet, preventing the tablet from charging. Make sure the charger port is clean. To clean a tablet's charger port, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and move it around the outside of the port. Then, use compressed air to remove dirt from the inside of the port. If any larger particles remain, get a toothpick or soft flossing pick and gently scrape them out.

Sometimes the tablet's battery may be the problem. If the previous solutions do not work and your tablet still does not charge, then your tablet's battery may be faulty. You can replace the battery using this battery guide.

Your head phones isn't working on your tablet.

A common problem users face with this is that the headphones in the tablet may not be inserted in all the way. Make sure that when you plug in the headphones, you hear a clicking sound.

If you are using headphones and the sound is coming out of the speakers, try resetting the tablet. If the problem still persists, test the headphones on another device; this is to ensure that there is no problems with the headphones.

The External Speakers On the Tablet Aren't working.

If no sound comes out of the speakers, the volume might be all the way down. To check this, open Sound & notification under Settings, adjust the different volumes using the slide bars.

Sometimes, dust can accumulate in the headphone plugs, causing the external speakers to not work. To fix this, gently blow inside the headphone plugs, then plug a head set in and out of the headphone plugs a couple of times.

The Power button Is Not Working.

The Power button needs to be held down for about 10 seconds. If you are holding the tablet, you will feel it vibrate suddenly. Once it vibrates, you can let go of the power button. If this solution does not work, the power button may need to be replaced. You can follow this power button guide to replace it.

No WiFi Connectivity.

When connecting to a WiFi network, the signal of the WiFi may be weak, causing your tablet to disconnect from the WiFi. To check this, go to WiFi under the Settings icon and click the WiFi network that you are connected to. If the signal strength is weak, this means that your tablet has a weak connection with the WiFi network. Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the WiFi network again.

Sometimes the tablet won't connect to the WiFi because it is not updated. Make sure you update the tablet to the latest version available. After updating the tablet, turn on your WiFi to connect to the internet.


Today I had an issue where after using the tablet outside at 90F until about 20% battery I plugged it in inside the house to let it charge. Maybe 30 minutes later I tried to wake it and it was completely unresponsive. No battery charge screen, no ability to wake it and unable to boot into the Android recovery menu. After fiddling around for an hour with no luck I decided to throw it in the freezer for a few minutes to see if I had hit a thermal limit. Plugged it back into the charger and immediately got the charge icon and was able to boot Android. I must have hit a thermal limit using it outside and it took a while to get the internal temperature low enough to function again.

wmangm - Reply

my tablet has a error message that google has stopped i tried everything and no response

Esther Otero - Reply

my tablet has an error message that google has stopped i have tried everything but no response

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