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Dell Latitude E4310 Troubleshooting

If you damaged your screen and rather fix it on your own, then buy a new screen that’s compatible to the computer, then fix it using this guide.

If the screen blacked out, it is most likely due to a critical system error that caused it to shut down. Check the battery to see if it is the issue, then follow the steps using this guide. if not then follow this guide.

If there are dead pixels on screen, do not worry much yet. It is common for computers to experience this issue. Follow the steps in this guide. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again.

If the colors are off on the screen, it is most likely due to overheating or a bad display adapt driver. Turn the computer off for a few seconds before turing it back on. If worse, then follow these tips.

Even when laptop is plugged in to the charger, the battery will not charge.

If the battery is not charging or has trouble maintaining power but the laptop still runs when connected to the power adaptor, it’s possible that the laptop battery is faulty. Replace the battery using Dell Latitude E4310 Battery Replacement.

If laptop is not charging when connected to the power adaptor it’s possible the power adaptor is faulty. Test with a different Dell Latitude E4310 power adaptor to see if replacing the power adaptor fixes the problem.

If after replacing the battery and the power adaptor the laptop still won’t charge or maintain power, the motherboard has likely short circuited or been damaged in some way and needs to be replaced.

When typing on the keyboard the laptop does not register the keys.

If the keyboard is not responding , try replacing it with this guide.

If the keyboard works for the exception of a few keys, there might be something underneath the key that impedes it from pressing down. Take off the key and clean what is under it, once it is done just pop the key back. If the key is not responding accordingly just replace the key.

Laptop cannot find a boot device or won't post when powering on.

Note that before your encounter a hard drive issue on your machine it is important to back up the drive often so that if it fails and the data isn’t recoverable you don’t lose all of the data that was stored on the drive. Typically, it is good practice to backup your hard drive every 3-6 months, whether this is done with an external drive or with a cloud backup service, it is critical that your data is safely stored somewhere else.

Laptop will turn on and boot into the operating system but does so very slowly

If the laptop takes a long time to boot it could be that the drive is old and “fragmented”. That means that data on the actual disk is scattered throughout and thus, the actuating arm that moves to the data points has to move a lot to get to the data it needs. To fix this problem use this guide. Slow boot time can also just be the result of an outdated hard drive and can be fixed by upgrading to a faster drive, SSD, or Flash Storage. To perform this upgrade use this guide.

If you have already defragged and cleaned up your Hard Drive but still do not get the performance that you would like out of your machine, then the problem may not be Hard Drive related; rather, consider a RAM upgrade to improve speeds on your programs and multitasking.

Laptop will not boot up. Goes to BIOS or posts a recovery message.

“Posting” is when the laptop shows the Dell logo and name of the machine. If the laptop cannot even get to this point it is potentially that the hard drive cables are not set properly.

It could also, however, be that RAM is not set properly or that the graphics card is not set properly; to fix that use the Dell Latitude E4310 RAM Replacement guide.

If the laptop cannot find a boot device that means it cannot find a device that has an operating system on it. This could be that the hard drive is damaged in any of the following ways:

  • One of the disks is damaged
  • Actuating arm is damaged
  • Copper wire is damaged
  • Error reading data

If it is an error reading data it can be diagnosed with this guide. If the diagnostic says that the drive is damaged then it likely needs to be replaced using the Dell Latitude E4310 Hard Drive Replacement guide.


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