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No matter what you do, the laptop will not show a display screen or show any signs of power.

If your battery is dead, try plugging your laptop into the charger and see if it will power on while it is connected.

If your battery will not charge, you may need to go buy a new battery.

If you replace the battery and your laptop will still not turn on then it is possible that it is not charging because the charger itself is defected. If this is the case, you will need to go purchase a new charger.

If the issue is not with the battery or charger, you may want to make sure the connection between the power button and circuit board is working. If there is a bad connection you may need to remove the key board and access the circuit board to fix the problem.

If you have further questions regarding your battery refer to Battery Disassembly.

The Operating System couldn't run successfully.

If your computer crashes or automatically restart during booting or sometimes normal operation, this means you might have bad RAM, loose RAM connection, or not enough RAM.

If you have further questions regarding your RAM refer to RAM Disassembly.

If your computer frequently cashes during operation, or experiencing a no boot issue. It is possible that the hard dive might have some problems. To solve this issue, you could run either ePSA Diagnostics or 32bit Diagnostics to identify the problem. Once you get the error code, please refer to Hard Drive Error During Dell Diagnostics for the interpretation of the error code and the protocols to solve it.

If you have further questions regarding your hard drive refer to Hard Drive Disassembly.

Keyboard is not operating correctly or at all.

If certain keys are not responding when pressed, or the entire keyboard is not operating properly, then you may have to replace the entire keyboard.

If the keyboard is completely unresponsive, the connection port from the keyboard to the logic board may be loose or broken. To fix, make sure that the connection port is tight.

If you have further questions regarding your keyboard refer to Keyboard Disassembly.


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