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Computer Frequently Freezes ¶ 

Your laptop freezes frequently and becomes unresponsive.

Faulty Hard Drive ¶ 

If the mouse is not responding to movements, the keys are not responding to input, and there is a complete lack of activity on the screen, you may have a faulty hard drive, which needs to be replaced.

Laptop Won’t Charge ¶ 

Your laptop will not hold a charge, or will not turn on even when plugged in.

Defective Battery ¶ 

If your laptop is unable to hold a charge, then you probably have a defective battery which needs to be replaced.

Laptop Image Distorted ¶ 

Your laptop has a crack, or the image on the monitor is distorted.

Damaged Screen ¶ 

If there is a physical crack on the screen or a discoloration in the image, you can replace the screen to immediately fix this problem.

Camera Displays Blurry Image ¶ 

Camera is displaying a blurry image whenever there are any attempts to use it

Camera is Dirty ¶ 

Occasionally there may be smudges and/or dust on the lens. To solve this, simply clean the lens using a sterile cloth or tissue.

Faulty Camera ¶ 

Either due to physical damage, or faulty fabrication, the camera itself may be damaged, which requires a replacement.

Keyboard Unresponsive ¶ 

There is no response or action performed whenever any key is pressed

Loose keyboard Connection ¶ 

Over time your laptop may develop a physically internal issue, such as when cables aren’t properly connected. To solve this, you will need to check the connections the keyboard holds with the motherboard internally.

Broken Keyboard ¶ 

Your keyboard may have suffered from either extensive use, water, or electrical damage. This will likely require a full replacement of the keyboard.


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