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Dell Inspiron 15-7559 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Dell Inspiron 15-7559.

The laptop is not showing any sign of power.

Make sure the power adapter is properly plugged in and that the charging light is on. If the light doesn’t turn on, try plugging it into a different outlet. If the light still doesn’t appear, then the adapter is faulty. In this case you may consider purchasing a replacement.

If the adapter light is on, check to make sure that it is properly plugged into the laptop. If the laptop still doesn’t turn on or only stays on while plugged in, then the battery is faulty. You can replace the battery using this guide (link to replacement guide).

The monitor on your Dell Inspiron 15-7559 doesn’t show anything, and you know the computer is turned on.

If the laptop is powered on and nothing is being displayed, first try to turn the laptop off and back on. If the screen still isn’t displaying, plug in an external display via the HDMI port. If the external display doesn’t show anything on the screen then the GPU may be faulty. If the external screen does appear, then you’re LCD may be faulty. Consider following this guide (link to replacement guide) to replace it.

There is no sound or the sound skips.

If the speakers are working fine but an issue with sound appears when using headphones or external speakers that are plugged into the audio jack, then make sure that the headphones or speakers are all the way plugged in and not loose. If the issue persists, try checking that the headphones or speakers are working properly on a different device. If the issue persists on a different device, then the headphone or speakers are most likely faulty.

Check that the volume is not muted and that speakers is your default audio device. This is done by right clicking the speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen and clicking playback devices. Next, click speakers and then set as default.

If the issue still persists, try going to the device manager, which you can find by searching for “device manager” in the start bar, then expand the audio inputs and outputs section. Make sure that each item under this section is up to date. You can update each item by right clicking it and clicking update driver software.

Your Dell Inspiron 15-7559 will not read any USB Devices.

The USB device itself may be faulty, try plugging it into a different device. If you still can't access the USB device then it may be faulty and need to be replaced.

Try plugging the USB into all USB ports. If only one port doesn’t seem to be working then the port may be damaged and may need to be repaired.

A common fix for USB related issues is to reset the laptop by holding the power button down for 30 seconds and then turning it back on. If the problem still persists you can also turn off and unplug the laptop and then remove the battery, which is demonstrated in this guide (link to replacement guide). Afterwards let the laptop sit without the battery for 10 minutes. Once the time period has passed, follow the guide to place the battery back in and turn the laptop back on.

While you are working, your laptop randomly shuts off without notice.

Overheating may occur due to dusty or blocked fans. Make sure the fan vents, located behind the laptop, are not being blocked. If the vents are not being obstructed then the fans may need to be cleaned. Using a can of compressed air, carefully blow any dust that may have accumulated in the vent or fans. Depending on the level of blockage you may need to access the fans directly to clean them. This can be done by following this guide (link to replacement guide) and cleaning the fans rather than replacing them.

If the laptop fans sounds like it is skipping or grinding and you have already cleaned the fan and it’s vents, then the fan itself may be broken. If this is the case, you may consider using this guide (link to replacement guide) to replace the fans.

If the fan is properly cleaned and doesn’t appear to be broken, then the laptop may be overexerted. Accesses the task manager by pressing ctrl + alt + delete simultaneously and then clicking task manager. Close any unnecessary processes (WARNING: never close processes that you are unsure of what they are, as you can significantly damage the laptop). Afterwards, let the laptop sit and cool off for a minimum of ten minutes.


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