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Dell Inspiron 15-5548 Troubleshooting

Released in January 2015, identified by model number 15-5548 on bottom of laptop.

While the computer is running, it makes a loud humming noise.

When the computer is running, if the bottom or vent is covered too much, it can cause overheating. When this happens, put the device on a hard surface, and make sure the vent is not covered.

Over time, fans get clogged up with particles, causing them to be less effective. This, in turn, can cause loud noise as the fan tries to keep up with the motor. When this happens, refer to our fan cleaning guide. If that does not work, the fan is most like broken, and you should refer to our fan replacement guide.

When trying to use the keyboard certain keys do not respond when pressed.

Sometime when a keyboard get dirty things under the keys causing them to get stuck in the pressed position or be unable to be pressed. If this is your problem simply remove the keyboard by pushing a thin flat object, such as a flat head screwdriver, into the crevice at the top of the keyboard a sliding it across. After you do this, you should be able to clean the keys from the bottom. Then, reattach it by sliding the side that closes to you into the slots, and then 2 vertical side and finally the side you popped up with the screw drive, do not be afraid to use a little force.

If that didn't work the keyboard may be broken. This mean that you once again remove the keyboard only this time you should pull up on the tabs holding the keyboard wires in place allowing you to completely disconnect the keyboard from the computer. Then, you should order a new keyboard and install it with the same placement of wires as it previously had.

When attempting to use laptop, it will not turn on.

Sometimes outlets can be faulty or unpowered due to other factors. In order to troubleshoot this, simply make sure the outlet is functioning properly. Unplug the power adapter from the receptacle, and plug in a lamp or other device. If that device powers on, then this is not your problem. If that device also does not receive power, then the receptacle is faulty, and you must find a powered outlet using this same method.

If the outlet is functioning properly and providing power, then the adapter for the laptop may be broken. Make sure that the adapter is securely plugged into the wall outlet and the laptop, if the adapter power light is not on, then the adapter may be faulty. You should replace the power adapter and test it with the same functional outlet.

If the outlet and adapter are functional, then the battery may be faulty. If this is the case, then you must replace the battery and then test the laptop again with the adapter and outlet.

You are unable to get use the internet on your laptop

If the computer can connect to the network, but has no internet connections then there is probably something wrong with the connection or the modem. First try to disconnect and reconnect to it. If that doesn't work reset the modem itself. If that did not work, you should contact your internet provider to find out the issue.


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