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Dell Inspiron 13-7359 Troubleshooting

Created February 2018 for Dell Inspiron 13-7359

Unresponsive Restart Screen ¶ 

System Lock Up ¶ 

A non responsive computer could be the result of a system lock up. Start by unplugging devices such as printers, USB storage devices, and phones from your computer, as they could be the cause of the lock up. It is also a good idea to check the air vents, because blocked air vents can cause performance problems. Power off your computer and clean the vents with a compressed air can, do not use your mouth to blow the dust out of the vents. If this does not help, then the next step is to run a computer diagnostic. To check if there is a hardware issue, run the Dell Preboot System Assessment Diagnostics. Go to the Dell Support Site, enter your Service Tag/Express Service Code number, and then click the Diagnostics tab. Select either Quick test to run a short scan of the hardware, Full test to run an in depth scan of the hardware, or Specific test to select and scan certain hardware. (Dell, 2017)

Failed Windows Update ¶ 

Another cause for an unresponsive restart is a failed update. If you’ve been experiencing issues restarting your device following a recent update this could be the cause of your issue. Type “troubleshoot” into the windows search box and click Run the troubleshooter under the Windows Update option. The troubleshooter will solve any issues due to an unsuccessful update.

Won’t Connect to Bluetooth ¶ 

Bluetooth Incorrectly Paired ¶ 

If you are having trouble pairing a Bluetooth device, first follow these instructions to ensure that you are taking the proper steps. Before attempting to pair, make sure that fresh batteries are installed in the external Bluetooth device, that the Dell Wireless Bluetooth adapter is installed in the computer, that the latest driver for the Bluetooth adapter has been installed, for more information, and that the Bluetooth device you are going to pair is within 30 feet of the computer. Then type ‘’Bluetooth’’ in to the Windows search box, click ‘’Bluetooth settings’’, make sure that Bluetooth is set to on, and put the external Bluetooth device in its discovery mode. Click to highlight the desired Bluetooth device, and then click the ‘’Pair’’ option. Some Bluetooth devices may request a pass code in which case you’ll enter the pass code and click ‘’Next’’. This should conclude the pairing process. (Dell, 2018)

Bluetooth Adapter Driver Uninstalled ¶ 

A cause of this issue could be that the latest Bluetooth Adapter Driver is not installed on your computer. Save any open work and close all windows. Go to the Drivers and Downloads page ( From here, select Enter your Service Tag (or select the product type, brand, and product model), find a driver that fits the Dell Inspiron 13-7359, and then click Go . Click Drivers & Downloads to select your Operating System and then under Category , choose Network . From the down arrow, click Wireless Bluetooth Module . Click Download , Save , and pick/create a folder for the downloading file. Follow the prompts once the download is finished. In the bottom right corner there should be a Bluetooth icon. Right-click the icon and select Start using Bluetooth , follow the instructions as they appear. (Dell, 2018)

Failure to Start ¶ 

Physical Damages ¶ 

If physical damage has been done to your device, and you have your Service tag, then check Dell’s support site for information on the warranty of the computer. If you do not have your Service tag, contact Technical Support. (Dell, 2018)

Booting Issues ¶ 

In minor cases, performing a hard reset can fix the problem. To do this, you must power off your computer, unplug the power cord, and remove the battery. Disconnect any other external devices that may be connected to the computer. In order to get rid of the remaining power in the computer, hold down the power button for 20 seconds. Now plug the power cord back into the Dll Inspiron and reinsert the battery. (Dell, 2018)

Internal Hardware Issues ¶ 

If your Dell Inspiron still does not respond after pressing the power button, then the issue could be with an internal piece of hardware. One method of testing this is by removing parts such as the hard drive, memory, and CD/DVD drive. If the Dell Inspiron can now be powered on, you will want to add back one part at a time to see if it can still power on after each addition. After finding the faulty part, try finding a suitable substitute or you may have to purchase a new replacement. If your Dell Inspiron never ended up showing any response to pressing the power button, then please contact Technical Support for further help. (Dell, 2018)

Slow Wireless Internet Performance ¶ 

Outdated Wireless Card Driver ¶ 

First, check to see if the most recent Wireless Card driver is installed ( Once the driver has updated, reconnect with the Wireless Access Point. If the wireless performance is still lacking, power-cycle the local network. Shut down the modem, the Wireless Access Point, and the Dell system. After approximately 1 minute, power on the modem and wait for it to fully boot. Next, power on the Wireless Access Point and wait for it to fully boot. Lastly, power on the Dell system and open the Network and Sharing Center . Go to Change Adapter Settings , right click the wireless connection icon, select Properties , and then Configure . Choose Wireless Options , followed by Wireless N mode . For systems later than Windows 7 click Advanced and search for 802.11n Mode . Click Disable and then Ok to restore the wireless speed. (Dell, 2017)

Modem or Wireless Mode Malfunctions ¶ 

If the wireless performance is still lacking, power-cycle the local network. Shut down the modem, the Wireless Access Point, and the Dell system. After approximately 1 minute, power on the modem and wait for it to fully boot. Next, power on the Wireless Access Point and wait for it to fully boot. Lastly, power on the Dell system and open the ‘’Network and Sharing Center’’. Go to ‘’Change Adapter Settings’’, right click the wireless connection icon, select ‘’Properties’’, and then ‘’Configure’’. Choose ‘’Wireless Options’’, followed by ‘’Wireless N mode’’. For systems later than Windows 7 click ‘’Advanced’’ and search for ‘’802.11n Mode’’. Click ‘’Disable’’ and then ‘’Ok’’ to restore the wireless speed. (Dell, 2017)

Touchscreen Won’t Respond ¶ 

Unclean Screen ¶ 

Power off the computer and observe the condition of the touchscreen. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any smudges and dust. When using cleaning solutions, directly apply the solution to the cloth, not the screen. To avoid causing damage wipe in a circular motion, be gentle when applying pressure, and remove all moisture after you are finished cleaning the screen. Allow the touchscreen to dry before turning the computer back on. (Dell, 2018)

Bad Screen Protector ¶ 

If you have a screen protector installed, it may need to be removed because it could be causing the touchscreen from registering when the screen is being touched. (Dell, 2018)

Uncalibrated Touchscreen ¶ 

If the previous fixes did not fix your problem, you most likely need to recalibrate the touchscreen. With Windows 10 correctly installed, type “calibrate” in the Search box. Click or touch Calibrate and then you will be instructed to touch the crosshair every time it appears on the screen. Select Yes, followed by OK. (Dell, 2018)


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