Dell Inspiron 11 Troubleshooting

Dell Inspiron 11 Model: 3162/3164 was released in 2016. Sleek and portable this laptop is a very practical computer. Coming standard with an AMD A6 processor and 4GB of RAM this computer is a great school laptop.

Computer Will Not Power On ¶ 

The computer shows no sign of powering on or booting up.

Reset Computer ¶ 

There may be leftover electrical charge stored in the computer that is preventing it from turning on. Remove both the power supply and battery from the computer. Hold down the power button for at least a minute. Plug only the power supply back into the computer and press the power button. If the computer turns on, reinstall the battery.

Faulty Power Supply ¶ 

Make sure the power supply is properly connected to the computer and to an operational electrical outlet. Remove the battery. If the computer does not turn on, replace the power supply as it may be faulty. If the computer does turn on, continue to the battery troubleshooting.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

With the computer powered on and power supply plugged in, check if the battery is charging. If not, remove battery and clean the contacts with compressed air and a soft cloth. Another way to test the battery is to remove the power supply after a short period, if the computer shuts down immediately, then the battery is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Keystrokes Not Registering ¶ 

If only certain keys are not working, it is very likely that the keyboard itself is the culprit and may need to be replaced.

Restart the Laptop ¶ 

Hold the power button until the power cycles off then wait 5 seconds and power on again for a hard reboot. Make sure to do so with updates turned on first in case a driver or windows update is needed to use the keyboard.

Clean the Computer ¶ 

Turn off the computer and remove the battery. Use compressed air to blow around the inoperable key. Let laptop stand for 10 minutes to let any left behind condensation from the compressed air evaporate away. It is possible to damage the laptop further by shorting a circuit due to moisture.

Check for viruses ¶ 

Update the computer antivirus, malware, worm, and firewall protection. Thereafter, run a full scan. After completed, the Antivirus software should display list of viruses, malware, etc. with suggesting action to choose or it will automatically remove those that were found. Restart your computer if it was not done automatically. When completed start using the keyboard to test its functionality.

Restart the computer in safe mode ¶ 

If the keyboard is still not responding, try restarting again. But this time after press power button, keep pressing “F12” key until it goes to setup. If this work, then the problem is definitely with the keyboard driver or corrupt driver’s registry. Reinstall the driver should solve the problem. Go to dell website, download and install the driver in safe mode. Follow instruction from Microsoft instruction for the version that install on the laptop.

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows XP

Upload and reinstall the driver

Follow instructions from the Dell’s download instructions.

Computer Will Not Recognize External Devices ¶ 

Computer is not acknowledging devices connected to external ports including hdmi, usb, etc.

Restart your computer with updates ¶ 

Your device may be having a software issue, restart your device with updates on to ensure your software is up to date.

Possible Port Replacement ¶ 

If the above solution did not fix the issue then it is likely a hardware issue. Each side has a separate port for docking devices.

Left Side Issues ¶ 

You could have a problem with the ribbon cable connection to the motherboard. Use this guide() to open your device and check cable connection.

If the connection seems fine then it is time to replace the component using our guide().

Right Side Issues ¶ 

If its just the right side having the issue then it may be time to replace your motherboard using one of our specified guides().

The USB port is a part of the motherboard and can't be replaced without replacing the motherboard.

Mousepad Does Not Move Cursor ¶ 

Touching the mousepad produces no visual response to the cursor.

Clean The Exterior Of Mousepad ¶ 

Clean off the mousepad with a computer safe cleaner and a damp cloth, and check for any physically visible damage.

Software Issues ¶ 

You may be experiencing software issues, first restart your computer and try again if this doesn’t work check for updates and try again.

Mousepad Or Motherboard May Be Damaged ¶ 

Your mouse is connected to your motherboard and if none of the above steps work you may need to replace the mouse touch pad or the mother board.

Mouse ¶ 

When testing the mousepad if you find you need to replace the mouse then you should use one of our guides and kits to do so.

Motherboard ¶ 

If you must replace the motherboard you are going to have to use one of our guides. If you test your mouse and it still isn’t working this may indicate an issue with the motherboard.

Computer Battery Is Not Charging ¶ 

The computer battery does not hold a charge.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

To make sure the battery is correctly being charged, plug in the AC adapter to see if it is operating properly. Refer to the troubleshooting process, if you notice the following AC adapter symptoms: the AC adapter LED is off, the AC adapter is not capable of turning on the laptop, the

AC adapter is not capable of charging the battery, the AC adapter is not capable of turning on the LEDs or lights, there is an error message stating the AC adapter type cannot be read which makes ideal battery performance impossible. If you read the troubleshooting process and your AC adapter is still working incorrectly, buy a new AC adapter.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

To make sure the battery is correctly being charged, plug in the AC adapter to see if it is operating properly. Refer to the troubleshooting process, if you notice the following battery symptoms: the battery is not read by the laptop, the battery indicator LED does not turn on, the battery indicator LED is blinking frequently, the battery is not capable of holding charge, the battery level stays a specific percentage, or the battery overheats frequently. If you read the troubleshooting process and your battery is still working incorrectly, buy a new battery.

Faulty Motherboard ¶ 

If you read the troubleshooting process and your battery and AC adapter are still working incorrectly, replace the motherboard. This fix is only necessary and helpful after you have completed the previous fixes.


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