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The device will not turn on no matter what you do.

When the ON/OFF switch is flicked on, the power won't start.

This is most likely due to a faulty conducting connection between the metal on the switch and its contact surface. Repair the switch using this guide.

The power cord appears torn or frayed and device will not turn on.

The power cord could be torn or disconnected internally from the device. If you see any tears or fraying of the power cord, you may need to replace it.

When flipping the switch ON, the motor won't turnover like it should.

It may create a sound as if it were trying to turn over and work, but fails to do so. The most common problem is the motor going bad and needing to be replaced. The motor is a component that can't be replaced and a new food processor will have to be bought to have a working motor.

The motor start canister inside the device may start becoming faulty over a long period of time and usage.

Inside the device there is a motor start canister with two wires soldered to the top of it. If the motor canister has become faulty, it may be necessary to remove this piece and replace it with a new one.

The device is not performing as well as it usually does.

When trying to fasten down the plastic components, the pieces won't lock into place. A crack may be visible on the surface of a component.

The problem can be fixed using epoxy glue that is FDA approved.

The internal wiring connections could have gone bad and need replacing.

To fix this, it will be necessary to open the device up and either fix the solder-to-wire connections or completely replace the wire.


On and Off Switch Isn't Working.......says follow this guide- but there is no guide.

Judy Buck - Reply

i have the same problem

juli roes -

Try this:

1) Remove all bowl parts from the base. Plug in the power cord. Look at the bases’s top front for a dark “dot” where you can push the “dot” in. Use a pen tip to push and KEEP HOLDING the dot in and turn the base on “Pulse.” Good? Motor works!

2) Lock only the bowl (no other parts yet) onto base with bowl handle facing FRONT of base.

3) Pretend to put the lid on with the lid’s lock facing FRONT of base, and look for the tiny area where lid and bowl handle will meet up to push down on the top of a white plastic “power” lever inside the bowl handle. See the top of that power lever? Now, remove and set aside the lid. Using the tip of a butter knife YOU push and HOLD DOWN on that “power” lever and turn the base on “Pulse.” Good? Next step…

3) Lock lid onto bowl so “feeder tube” faces FRONT of base.

4) Put “feeder PUSH tube” parts onto the lid. Be sure push tube’s “Lock” button faces FRONT of base. Lock it. Turn base on “Pulse.” Good? Machine works! Still not working? Call Cuisinart Customer Service.

Beth - Reply

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