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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Hotplate Temperature Issues ¶ 

Coffee is not heating to hot enough temperature to your liking. Hotplate is cracked. Hotplate does not turn on. You can find out how to fix that part here.

Leaking Water Reservoir ¶ 

Hole or a crack in the reservoir. A loose O-ring. A loose pipe fitting. You can find out how to fix that part here.

Isn't Turning On ¶ 

Device may be unplugged from wall outlet. Power cord may be frayed. Power cord may have been disconnected internally. You can find out how to fix that here.

Gross tasting coffee or finding coffee grounds in your coffee ¶ 

Make sure to check every disposable object for over usage or breakage such as the coffee filter, filter basket, and charcoal filter. You should probably clean them. You can find out how to fix those here.

Lid Issues ¶ 

Lid hinge may be broken. Lid lock may not lock correctly. Obstruction in way of closing lid fully. You can find out how to fix that part here.


The water pools in my filter and won’t drain into the carafe. There is no indication how to fix this. I imagine it’s the grind of the coffee? However, I don’t want to invest in a new grinder; my old one worked fine with the older Cuisinart model which I had for years. Evidently these Chinese-made brewers are inferior in quality.

ecantarow - Reply

My coffee maker is brand new and I ran plain water thru it, but notice that the filter is FULL of water - what am I doing wrong?

pjc2005 - Reply

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