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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Camera does not appear to be on and nothing is on the LCD screen.

Low Battery Level

Make sure the batteries you installed are correctly installed and are lithium 6V batteries.

LCD Broken

If the camera is working and the LCD screen is not on, the LCD screen may need to be replaced. (Replacement guide will go here)

Internal Component Malfunction

If the camera does not turn on at all after checking the batteries, an internal component may be disconnected or dysfunctional. The malfunctioning component should be replaced.

No Memory Card

Verify that the memory card is in the slot and it is installed correctly.

Memory Card Inserted Incorrectly

Verify that the card is inserted properly and there are no jams.

Shutter Curtain Or Mirror Obstructed

Verify that the shutter curtain and mirror are not stuck and there are no obstructions. The shutter curtain is the small black doors located outside the film lens.

Internal Component Malfunction

An internal component may be disconnected or dysfunctional. The malfunctioning components should be replaced.

Dirty Lens

Clean lens with a blower brush to remove dust. Then use lens cleaning paper and fluid to gently wipe the lens in a spiral from the center to the outer edge.

Camera Shaken During Picture Taking

Keep the camera steady or use a tripod.

Flash Turned Off

The camera's flash setting may be off. Turn the flash setting on and verify that the flash is working. Settings are located on the back panel of the camera near the arrow buttons.

Flash Not Charged

Give the flash unit time to charge before taking pictures.

Flash Unit Broken

The flash unit of the camera may be damaged. The flash unit should be replaced.


When I hit the arrow in the box icon to see the picture I just took, the camera shuts off & I am

not able to see my taken pictures? This just started as everything was A ok.

I just recharged the battery first because I saw it was blinking & low - no problem, I have done

this many times. Now, I see no pictures that I take. Please help asap! Thanks Paula

paula meyns - Reply

When I hit the arrow in the box icon to view picture I have just taken, the camera shuts off.

This just started as everything was !A ok. I did just charge battery as I noticed it was lot but

I have done with many times. What is happening? Please help ASAP. Thanks. Paula

paula meyns - Reply

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