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Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Troubleshooting

This dual-speed, 850-watt fruit and vegetable juicer was released in 2001. It features a stainless steel cutting disc and an extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute. Model #JE98XL.

Juicer is on but won't work ¶ 

Machine has been turned on but will not function properly

Disengaged safety locking arm ¶ 

If you turn the machine on and nothing happens, one possible problem is that the safety locking arm isn’t engaged. If the locking arm isn’t in the correct place, the juicer won’t turn on. To engage the locking arm, make sure to snap it into the two grooves on either side of the juicer cover. Once it is securely fixed in that vertical position, you should be ready to go.

Juicer stalls ¶ 

Motor stalls when juicing

Pulp build up ¶ 

If the motor appears to be stalling when juicing or it won’t start right, it could be the cause of pulp buildup. If wet pulp is built up under the juicer cover, slow the juicing action by pushing the food pusher at a slower rate. Disassemble and clean the filter bowl, stainless steel filter basket, and juicer cover. Check for any food left in the feeding tube or by the blades, and clean thoroughly before use.

Excess strain ¶ 

On a low speed, hard fruit and vegetables will cause excess strain on the motor and could cause it to stall. Please refer to the juicing guide (page 15) to find the correct speed for a specific fruit or vegetable. If the motor continues to stall or not work properly, unplug the juicer and wait 10-15 minutes before using it again.

Juicer extracting less juice ¶ 

Less juice is being produced than normal

Filter basket is clogged ¶ 

If the juicer is extracting less juice than it normally does, or the pulp is very wet, the filter basket might be clogged. Remove the filter basket and wash with soap and water. If the filter basket is still clogged, soak in a mixture of half bleach, half water for 20 minutes. Wash with soap and water before resuming juicing. If cleaning the filter isn't helping, you might need to replace the filter (especially if it is old).

Pulp build up ¶ 

If the filter has been cleaned and the juicer is still not extracting as much juice as it previously had, then pulp build up might be the issue. Stop juicing and clean the juicer to ensure maximum juicing ability. This video cleaning tutorial is a helpful guide.

Juicer leaks ¶ 

Juice is coming out of the machine

Extreme juicing speed ¶ 

If juice is being extracted too rapidly, one of two things will happen. Juice will either leak between the rim and the cover, or juice will spray from the spout. If either of these occur, the juice is being extracted too rapidly. First attempt a lower juicing speed, and for extra measures, push the food down the feed chute at a slower rate.

Dirty Filter Basket ¶ 

Another reason why the juicer is leaking could be that there is pulp or other contaminants in the filter basket. To stop the leak, remove the filter basket and clean it thoroughly before putting it back in.

Juicer won’t turn on ¶ 

The machine won’t turn on, and doesn't seem to be functioning at all

Faulty wall outlet ¶ 

If your juicer won’t turn on, first test that your wall outlet is not faulty. You can do this by attempting to power the juicer from a different wall outlet.

Blown out fuse ¶ 

If your juicer is not turning on and is completely inoperable, you might have a blown fuse. First, turn the on/off switch to the "off" position. Next, unplug the juicer. Open the blender and remove the old fuse by unsoldering it from the circuit board. Solder the new fuse back into place and replace the cover.

The internal components of the JE98XL are very difficult to access, so if you are having trouble, refer to Breville support

If you need information and tips on soldering, refer to iFixit's Soldering Skills for some helpful guides.

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OK. So not the fuse. The E light won't turn off even after waiting 24 hours. LED lights motor doesn't make a sound. Do I replace safety switch

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