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Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

After plugging in the charging cable, the speaker does not turn on when charged or indicate it is charging.

Obstructed/Faulty Charging Dock ¶ 

The speaker is connected to a charging port and there is no light on the charging indicator. A common cause of this issue is either an obstructed or disconnected charging dock. Ensure the device is powered off. First check the micro-USB connection for any dust, dirt, lint or other obstructions. Carefully clean out any obstructions using a toothpick and remove the remaining debris using a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. If that does not rectify the problem, then the charging dock may be disconnected or broken and in need of replacement (URL to guide).

Disconnected/Broken LED Charging Indicator ¶ 

The speaker is connected to the charging cable and is able to power on, yet the charging indicator does not function. If this is the case the LED indicator light may have gotten disconnected or is broken. Follow the guide found here (URL to guide) on how to solve this issue.

Declining/Non-Existent Battery Life ¶ 

If the speaker is not powering on but registers that it is charging, then the battery in the speaker may no longer hold a charge or is not connected properly. To fix this problem, view this guide (URL to guide) on how to change the battery in the speaker.

Broken Power Button ¶ 

The device is charged but won't turn on when the power button is pushed, meaning the power button may have lost its click. If this is the case, then the power button may be in need of replacement. Here is a guide on that process (URL to guide).

No Audio or Distorted Audio ¶ 

After powering on the Braven BRV-1M and connecting an audio device, the audio does not play properly.

Broken 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack ¶ 

The most common cause of audio not playing properly in the speaker is a bad audio jack. If there is no problem with the audio device itself or the auxiliary cable, then it is likely the 3.5mm audio-out jack may need replacement. Refer to this guide (URL to guide) on that process.

Loose/Broken Power Amplifier ¶ 

If the audio jack is not the cause of the audio distortion or complete lack of audio, the speaker may have a loose or broken power amplifier. If that is the case, the power amplifier may need to be reconnected or replaced. Here (URL to guide) is a guide on that process.

Unresponsive Buttons ¶ 

After fully charging and powering on the device, inputs from the buttons on the device do not register.

Obstructed Control Buttons ¶ 

If the buttons on the device do not click when pressed or do not function at all, some debris may have gotten into the speaker and is preventing the button from working. If this is the case, the speaker may need to be opened and cleaned of debris. Refer to the broken power button guide (URL to guide) on how to open the main casing of the speaker to access the buttons.

Broken Button Register ¶ 

If the buttons on the device click but nothing is registered, it is likely that the buttons themselves are broken and may need replacing. In order to fix this, refer to this guide (URL to guide) on how to replace control buttons.

Bluetooth Connection will not Connect/Pair ¶ 

When the speaker is turned on and has properly entered pairing mode, the speaker does not appear as a connectable device.

Unregistered Bluetooth Signal ¶ 

If the speaker is not pairing it is likely the devices are far and need to be closer for the signal to register. If the device is in pairing mode but will not appear as connectable then there may be an issue with the pairing signal being sent out by the device. To fix any possible signal issues try resetting the pairing signal by turning the device off and back on, then hold the play button until the device audibly indicates it is in pairing mode. If the pairing signal has been reset and the problem persists, the issue may be with the Bluetooth antenna itself and in need of replacement.


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