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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Troubleshooting

Device Does Not Turn On ¶ 

Battery drain out or Power button does not work

Faulty Batteries ¶ 

If the batteries in the device wear out due to excessive use, they must be replaced with new batteries.

Battery Socket is Broken ¶ 

If the battery socket is broken due to regular wear or mishap, the battery socket needs to be replaced.

Button Unresponsive ¶ 

If the power switch is activated but does not work, it must be replaced.

Button Gets Stuck  ¶ 

If the power button becomes lodged or stuck in the device, it should be taken apart and readjusted or replaced.

Music Button Issues ¶ 

Music button becoming unresponsive or getting stuck

Button Unresponsive ¶ 

If the button is unresponsive, there might be a battery issue, otherwise, the button itself needs to be replaced.

Button Gets Stuck  ¶ 

If the music button becomes lodged or hard to press it may be placed in the incorrect position. It may need to be replaced or readjusted.

Lights Do Not Turn On ¶ 

Certain LED lights on the device broke and needs replacement

LED’s Stop Working ¶ 

If the LEDs are unresponsive, there might be a battery issue, otherwise, the LEDs itself need to be replaced.

Speakers Stop Working ¶ 

Music from device speakers is not loud or is distorted

No Sound From Speakers ¶ 

If there are no sounds coming from the device, there might be a battery issue, otherwise, the speakers need to be replaced.

Music Is Distorted ¶ 

If the audio becomes distorted or choppy, the speaker may be faulty and require a replacement.

Volume Too Low ¶ 

If the volume of the music is lower than the default setting, the batteries may be low, otherwise the speakers are faulty and must be replaced.

The Ring Handle Breaks Off  ¶ 

Handle and the attached rings get damaged

Handle Breaks ¶ 

If the handle shatters, breaks, or is damaged in any way it will need to be replaced.


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