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Asus VivoBook S200E-RHI3 T73 Troubleshooting

Portable metallic laptop with touch screen capabilities. Manufactured by Asus.

Can not connect to Wifi or getting poor connection when connected.

Changes to your network connection. Experiencing poor wifi connection or no wifi connection. Test the ping by opening the Windows command prompt and typing “ping” and press enter. If there is no response the card may be faulty and in need of replacement.

Screen is broken or cracked.

Screen may be disabled and not broken. To re enable the screen hold down the Fn button and at the same time press the F2 button. Make sure the laptop is charged and fully booted before pressing the buttons.

If the fn and f2 buttons yield no results the computer may be in projector mode. To leave projector mode hold down the windows key and then push the "P" button twice. This will put it back into computer only.

Screen may be cracked or shattered. Light may or may not come from screen, and no images can be seen. Screen is in need of replacement.

Computer shuts off randomly during usage.

It is common for dust to accumulate in the air vents and in the fan. By using compressed air carefully clean the vents and fan.

If after cleaning the vents and fans you are still experiencing overheating, than the fan my be broken. Replace the fan making sure the new fan is compatible with the VivoBook S200E.

Battery holds little to no charge.

Battery does not last longer than 2 hours on full charge. Caused by exposure to cold weather, continually charging, and/or around 2 years of common usage.

Less than sufficient storage for files.

Replace the hard drive with a larger hard drive.


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