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Asus VivoBook X540SA-BPD0602V Troubleshooting

A member of the Asus Vivobook X Series. It contains a 15.6" display with 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB Hardrive, and clocking out at 2.4GHz. The Asus VivoBook X540SA-BPD0602V was first released in March of 2016 and was hailed for it's affordability and practicality. Running particularly well if you stuck to the standards such as school use, basic video and imaging editing, or simply browsing the web.

My computer fan keeps running at maximum speed, and it's still hot. On top of that, its running slower.

You're laptop has an open ventilation system, so objects such as dust, hair, or even food particles can block the intake grills or exhaust ports from time to time. This will cause the fan to continuously run at maximum speed, and reduced performance due to the CPU cutting back its clock speed to escape heat pressure. Simply try cleaning out exhaust ports and intake grills with a bit of compressed air.

If you cleaned out the exhaust ports and intake grills, and have tried a laptop cooler or cooling pad and its still having problems with overheating, the problem might be with the fan itself. In rare cases the fan can be completely stuck, or the fins can even be lose or broken, and will not create a sufficient airflow. In this case, the fan has to be removed and replaced.

My Laptop wont charge anymore, and I can only use it when it's plugged into the wall.

Make sure the adapter is securely plugged into the wall and in the computer. If the charger is working the LED panel on the front side of your laptop should light up. If it fails to do so investigate the length of the cord for any fraying or tears. If you locate any it's time for a new charger. If not, it's an issue with a component inside the computer and needs to be sent off to be fixed if you have no experience with soldering.

Like any rechargeable battery, laptop batteries can tire out as well. When you leave a laptop plugged in for too long, it reaches a full charge, then intentionally drains itself a bit to keep charging. After a while it becomes unable to hold a charge and needs to be replaced. This commonly happens every two to three years.

My computer doesn't recognize the DVD

Windows has successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but it cannot find the hardware device. In this case the easiest solution is to uninstall and reinstall the correct drivers. Go to the device manager and expand the DVD/CD-ROM Drives and right click the CD and DVD device, and uninstall. Reinstall and restart your computer.

In the case that the CD/DVD drive doesn't open, either when you press the button on the side or go through the computers system and try to eject it, it's most likely a problem with the hardware itself. Pins inside the case can break, or something might have jammed inside and broken a component. In this case you have to take the computer apart, remove the Optical Drive and replace it.

I've downloaded too many photos, and I can't download anything else unless I delete some

Time to transfer some memory. Try uploading your files to your cloud or google drive. If you do not have access to either, try a flash drive.

You've filled up your cloud storage, you have to many flash drives to count. You still don't have enough memory for all of your needs. A new Hard Drive with a larger memory capacity can be installed into your computer as long as it is compatible with the mother board. To do this you have to take the computer apart, remove the old hard drive, and replace it with the new one.

My computer keeps disconnecting from the Wifi

Double check to make sure all other Wifi enabled devices within your household are having similar problems. If they are, it is most likely an issue with your router. Locate your router and try dislocating it from the wall, wait at least thirty seconds before plugging it back in. This will restart the router and hopefully fix your issue for all your devices. If it does not fix it, and all devices are still having the same issue, try contacting your internet service provider, it is most likely a problem on their end.

If your laptop is the only device that doesn't connect to Wifi in your household, but other Wifi enabled devices are working just fine, it's an issue with your wireless card. Try going to your device manager and uninstalling and reinstalling your devices wireless driver. If that fails to solve the problem, you'll have to take your laptop apart and replace your devices wireless card.

Sometimes when you power on your laptop, the LED panel to show that its on and charging lights up, you can hear the fans starting up, but your display remains black. Occasionally the "lid closed" switch gets suck, resulting in a black screen. Locate the "lid closed" switch and try pushing it. It's usually located near the hinges that is pressed when the screen is closed.

If the "lid closed" trick doesn't work, you might have fried your motherboard. In most cases this means you need a new laptop, as the motherboard is the most expensive component and its normally better to just buy a new laptop. If it's still new, or maybe you built a custom PC and a new motherboard is still cheaper than a new set up, you'll have to go in to your device and replace the motherboard.


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