Asus VivoBook X540SA-BPD0602V Troubleshooting

Brief one or two sentences with identification info. Example: Released June 2009, identified by model number A1303.

My Screen Will not Turn On ¶ 

"I wish to use my computer but the screen will not turn on."

Faulty Power Adapter ¶ 

Make sure the adapter is securely plugged into the pc and the wall. Ensure the LED lights on the front of the laptop are alight. If the lights are out, it could be a problem with the adapter. Consider purchasing a new one.

Faulty Screen ¶ 

If the adapter is plugged in, and the lights are on, it might be a problem with the screen. If you can see a visible distortion across the black screen, maybe something that looks like a big smudge, the individual crystals within the LCD screen are busted. Replace the Screen using this guide.

Keyboard/Keys Not Responsive ¶ 

I want to type this essay, but I can't seem to type anything.

Faulty Keyboard ¶ 

If you're typing, and typing, and it just doesn't seem to respond, you might have a busted keyboard. To replace it, use this guide here.

Sticky Keys ¶ 

When a key is depressed, and stays depressed you have a case of sticky keys. Remove the key and make sure nothing is stuck below it. You might have to wipe off the bottom of the key. Replace it.

Won't Recognize CD's/DVD's ¶ 

Man, I want to watch my copy of Moana, but my computer doesn't recognize the DVD

Faulty Optical Drive ¶ 

If your Asus VivoBook optical drive does not open, or refuses to recognize your favorite CD/DVD, it might be broken. To replace your systems optical drive, reference this guide here.

No More Memory ¶ 

I've downloaded too many photos, and I can't download anything else unless I delete some

Hard Drive is full ¶ 

Time to transfer some memory. Try uploading your files to your cloud or google drive. If you do not have access to either, try a flash drive.

Hard Drive Does Not Have Enough Memory For My Needs ¶ 

You've filled up your cloud storage, you have to many flash drives to count. You still don't have enough memory for all of your needs. Follow this guide here, to upgrade your hard drive.

Computer Is Slow ¶ 

My computer is running too slow to play League of Legends. Help

Viruses ¶ 

Your computer might be running slower than usual if it's bogged down with viruses. Try running a scan through Windows Defender or whatever security program you use. If that fails, you might have to save your hard drive to a flash drive and wipe it.

Not Enough RAM ¶ 

Some programs hog up more bandwidth, or RAM, than others, or maybe you have multiple programs running in the background. If limiting how many programs you have running at a time is not an option, or you need to run programs that require more RAM, follow our guide here to learn how to install more RAM.


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