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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Laptop is failing to read disks that are inserted.

If your laptop is failing to read your disks then the first thing you should consider is checking the disk itself, if there are any scratches on the disk then that could be the problem. If that is not the cause then your bio might be outdated. If so then you must update your bios to the latest version that ASUS provides which can be found at this link here.

If the problem is that the disk drive will not open or it will but wont read the disk then the problem is with the disk tray itself and you have to replace it. You can do so by clicking on this link HERE and purchasing a new one.

Laptop is failing to charge to power up.

If your laptop is failing to charge then one problem you may have is with the charger wire plugged into an outlet in the wall then there should be a light appearing on the charger indicating that there is power flowing through it. Now if this is happening to your charger and you plug it into your laptop and the laptop still will not charge then try plugging it into another laptop which takes the same type of charger to make sure that it works. If the light is not appearing when you plug it into the wall then you might want to consider getting a new charger.

If the charging symbol on the charger and laptop is turned on but the laptop still won’t turn on then we have to consider the idea that there may be an issue with the actual battery itself. If this is the problem then you have to purchase a new battery for the laptop which you can do with iFixit HERE.

Laptop gets too hot to touch

As with any device out there, the battery of a certain device will eventually start to die, and will not work as it did compared to the first day when the device was bought. Perhaps there is a bad battery in the laptop or a dying battery either way both cause or generate excess heat, which can lead to the laptop overheating. A simple solution would be to just replace the laptop battery with a new one.

The CPU fan fails to function and that causes the laptop to get really hot which will lead to certain components to fail and won’t let the laptop perform at its best. So in order for the laptop to function it must be at a cool temperature. Make sure to check first if the laptop has not been left in the sun which could cause the laptop to feel hot, if this is not the case it could be a CPU fan failure.

Electricity interruptions or failures won’t allow the laptop to turn on

The power distribution inside the laptop is is not able to receive the necessary power supply leading to a fried motherboard or hard drive that is causing the laptop to not turn on, respond or be functional at any cost. Also the excess of voltage received by charging the laptop can also be the cause of the fried motherboard. Make sure the laptop is getting the right amount of voltage necessary through the Ac adapter.

Issues with the Random Access Memory will cause the laptop to crash and fail to turn on as it won’t allow the laptop to display anything at all. The laptop system will crash leading to constant failures in the system. These issues usually start when the RAM is full as in excess of data and since the it is built inside the motherboard. Make sure there is at least some space left on the RAM for it to function properly.

When pressing a specific key it does not complete its desired function.

Make sure to double check that your settings are set to your desired language. For example if you live in the United states and the language is set to another language other than english the keyboard might perform undesirable entries due to the settings. Also make sure that the keyboard is synced up with your own laptop, for example if it is connected to an external keyboard, that may also cause the problem.

If your keys are not working it could be due to a fact that it is an old key, and it is broken, and simply needs to be replaced. Before replacing a key make sure to check if it is not another issue, one way to check this is by connecting an external keyboard to your laptop and seeing if the key works. If the key works it is most likely due to a broken key therefore the best option would be to buy a new key and replace it with the old one.


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