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Asus Q302UA-BHI5T20 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Asus Q302UA.

Computer dies in a short amount of time.

Using the wrong charger to charge a laptop can harm the battery and decrease life span of the battery. Consider purchasing a new adapter from the manufacturer in this case. If problem persists, purchase a new battery.

Battery fails to hold a charge for a small amount of time. Usually defective batteries are discovered close to the time of purchase because they come defective from the manufacturer. Consider ways of conserving battery life, such as turning on a power saving feature or uninstalling any high intensity programs. If the battery is determined defective, contact the manufacturer for a warranty claim.

Backlight keyboard lights fail to function partially or wholly.

The backlight could simply be turned off, to enable press the function key and F4 to increase brightness. If this does not fix the backlight then a replacement keyboard may be necessary.

If only part of the keyboard lights up and another section does not, then the keyboard should be replaced.

Computer fails to stay connected to a network.

A weak signal could be causing the network to disconnect, to alleviate this issue move closer to the access point if possible.

Network connection loss can be caused by a bad wireless card. If this is the case then a replacement card should be ordered and installed.

Computer is unresponsive when doing tasks at a normal rate.

Having a full hard drive can slow a computer to an inoperable state because the operating system requires some free space to function efficiently. To clear some space, delete any unused programs or files which can alleviate some unresponsiveness.

Junk files are the contents of the last web page visited or pieces of the installer of a program recently installed. Having an abundant amount of junk files can slow a hard drive down tremendously. To help solve this issue download a program called CCleaner, a well renowned cleaning software. Install the program then click run to start cleaning junk, depending on how much junk there is it could take seconds or minutes. Use this URL to download CCleaner,

Spinning Hard Drives are becoming too slow to keep up with the demand of more speed and faster response times in computers. Upgrading a traditional spinning hard drive to a modern solid state drive will substantially increase performance. This process should be done by an IT Professional or Enthusiast, the process can be confusing and difficult. Attempt with caution and having done extensive research. Follow this guide to upgrade to a solid state drive and cloning the OS. (

As for what and where to purchase a solid state drive the Samsung 850 EVO is a decently priced SSD with great performance. (


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