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Asus G501JW-BHI7N2 Troubleshooting

Released October 2015, identified by model number G501JW-BHIN12

The Asus G501JW-BHI7N2 will not respond or show any sign of powering up.

Make sure the power adapter is plugged in and the charge light is on. If the light is not on, while the adapter is plugged in, the adapter is faulty and must either be fixed or replaced.

The adapter is on, but the laptop powers up only if the adapter is plugged in, regardless of charging time. The battery is faulty and will need to be replaced. [Insert guide link here]]

The monitor on the Asus G501JW-BHI7N2 doesn’t show anything, and you know the computer is turned on.

Make sure that the display is not accidentally disabled. To do this, press one of the “Fn” keys in the lower corner of the keyboard and then press “F2.” If the display was disabled by accident, then this will re-enable the display.

If the above action does not fix the problem, repeat the previous instruction once more, hold down the Windows key, and then push “P” twice. The computer may have been previously set to “Projector mode;” doing the action above will convert it back to “Computer Only.”

Make sure there is no glass or plastic sticking out. Do not touch the screen with bare hands. Replacing the screen on your laptop is a good idea if it is damaged or broken. [Insert link to guide here].

The Asus G501JW-BHI7N2 does not load the Operating System and instead takes you to an error message.

If the computer fails to boot, it can be an indication of insufficient RAM or the RAM itself may be corrupt. Consider adding additional RAM or replacing existing RAM. [Insert link to guide here].

A corruption of the hard drive may cause your laptop to fail to boot properly. Consider repairing your installation of Windows. If this fails to fix the problem, you might want to consider replacing your hard drive. [Insert link to guide here].

The touchpad on the Asus G501JW-BHI7N2 is not responding to any motions or contact

Asus provides free updates for their drivers at their support website here. An outdated driver can cause problems as your operating system updates, but your drivers stay the same.

The touchpad of the computer could have reached the end of its lifespan or have been broken. You can either use a mouse as an alternative way of controlling your cursor, or you could replace it. [Insert link to guide here].


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