Apple Airport Extreme Model A1408 Logic Board Replacement

Model #A1408 Serial Number# C86JJ5K2DM72 will not restart after update

I clicked to update the router and then got an error message after the router would not restart. Tried resetting the router and get no lights to suggest that a reset has started. Power cable is plugged in, unplugged and replugged it in, and still no light to indicate power.

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12/15/2017 I had this same problem but unable to fix it. Apple Airport Extreme Model A1408: was running firmware version 7.6.7 and everything working fine. Apple sent a new firmware update so I tried to install it. Wireless Router would not restart, would not respond to reset button. No lights will display, even though 12 volts being delivered to the unit via the power cable. Disassembled unit enough to test the battery, it was OK. Called Apple support, they couldn’t suggest any fix except to say the router was out of warranty, they said they had no record of this type of problem. I don’t know how else to diagnose the problem, so am buying a replacement router (Netgear, not Apple).

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