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Darts get stuck in the barrel ¶ 

When you pull the trigger, you hear the gun fire, but the dart stays put.

Defective dart ¶ 

First, be sure that it is the blaster that is causing the problem. Some darts can become torn or bent, which can make them lose air or catch on the pin.

Pin is bent ¶ 

If you hear the gun fire and perhaps see the dart move, but not shoot, the first thing you should check is the pin onto which the dart fits. If it has become bent, it could hold the dart in place, preventing it from firing. If this is the case, try to gently bend it back into place. If this doesn't work, or if the pin snaps, you will have to replace the barrel. For this, you should consult our Air Blasters Tek Six Barrel Replacement guide.

Blaster isn't shooting air ¶ 

When you pull the trigger, you hear the tension release, but not the sound of air being forced out of the barrel. The dart does not shoot, or travels a much shorter distance than normal.

Plunger has lost its seal ¶ 

If you hear the blaster fire, but the dart does not move and the pin isn't bent, it's possible that the plunger has lost its seal. This means air is escaping out the side of the plunger, rather than being used to propel the dart. Open up your blaster and check the plunger for leaks. You can attempt to plug small cracks or holes, but it would be easier to just replace it. Check out the Air Blasters Tek Six Plunger Replacement

Trigger feels loose and won't fire ¶ 

The blaster reloads, but won't fire when you pull the trigger.

Trigger became disconnected ¶ 

The best-case scenario is that the trigger has simply detached itself from the rest of the internal mechanisms. If you open up your blaster and the orange plastic trigger is not attached at the back of the blaster, simply reconnect it and reassemble your blaster.

Trigger's plastic snapped ¶ 

However, if the plastic of the trigger itself is broken, you will need to replace it. Check out the Air Blasters Tek Six Trigger Replacement guide.

Blaster won't reload ¶ 

When you pull the slider back, it doesn't click.

Reload slider became disconnected ¶ 

If the slider feels loose and doesn't seem to be catching on anything internal, it's possible that it has become disconnected from the rest of the blaster's workings. Open up the blaster and reconnect anything that has come disconnected.

Slider is broken ¶ 

If the reload slider itself is broken, there is the risk of potentially cutting yourself on a broken piece of plastic. Check out the Air Blasters Tek Six Reload Slider Replacement guide.

Blaster reload slider feels loose ¶ 

The blaster reloads, but the slider on the top feels loose and does not return to the front upon release.

Reload slider spring is broken/disconnected ¶ 

If the spring connecting the slider to the front of the blaster is broken or disconnected, the slider will not return to its default position and will feel loose, but the blaster will still reload. Open your blaster and examine this small spring. If it is disconnected, reattach it. If it has snapped, replace it. Check out the Air Blasters Tek Six Reload Slider Spring Replacement guide.

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