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Activision Guitar Hero Live Guitar Controller Troubleshooting

Released October 20th, 2015. This is the standard Guitar Controller which comes packaged with Guitar Hero Live, and can be purchased separately.

Guitar Controller Won't Sync ¶ 

When console and game are running, guitar controller has no response.

Make sure to use the proper USB receiver which corresponds to the console in use. Note this controller will not work for the mobile version. If you have the correct USB receiver, try using an air duster to clean out any dust which may have collected in the USB outlet.

If you have the correct USB receiver, have tried cleaning out dust, and are still having connection issues, try replacing the batteries in the Guitar Controller.

Different Receiver Colors ¶ 

Grey receiver - PlayStation 3 or Wii U

Blue receiver - PlayStation 4

Green receiver - Xbox 360

Black receiver - Xbox One

Sticking Guitar Keys ¶ 

The Guitar Controller fret buttons get stuck after being pressed, or, they do not push down at all.

Using finger tips, carefully remove the affected button(s) by pressing inward toward the mid-line of the guitar and pulling the outer lip up. Blow in the back of the removed buttons and their corresponding ports on the controller to remove dirt and/or debris.

Things To Avoid ¶ 

Do not use any kind of cleanser, cleaning product, or chemicals when cleaning the Guitar Controller, the controller can be easily damaged.

Guitar Keys Don't Work ¶ 

There is no response in game, when the guitar fret keys are pushed.

Make sure the Guitar Controller is properly calibrated using the in-game calibration tools. If completed, and there is no change, restart the console you are using, and check once again. Contact Activision if there is still no response.

PS3 ¶ 

Restart the console and game, then re-sync controller with receiver.

Wii U ¶ 

Note The Guitar Controller is not an actual Wii U controller, make sure you use a Wii U Game Pad. Promptly re-sync the guitar controller with the receiver by going to the console settings.

Xbox 360 ¶ 

Be sure to enable controller vibration on your controller. To do this, hold down the main Xbox button on a standard controller, then select settings, then preferences, then vibration, and finally, enable vibration.

Guitar Lights Keep Blinking & Won't Stop ¶ 

Lights on Guitar Controller flash at either a slow or fast pace and do not stop, regardless if keys are pressed.

Reset your console, and try starting up the game again. If the lights continue to flash, check the "Blinking quickly" or "Blinking Slowly" steps below. If these do not work, contact Activision, and speak to a customer service specialist about your unit, you may be entitled to a new Guitar Controller.

Blinking Quickly ¶ 

Try to reconnect the Guitar Controller, this may be a sign that the controller is not connected. Follow the steps above under " Guitar Controller Won't Sync. "

Blinking Slowly ¶ 

Make sure to check batteries, this may be a sign that you are just low on battery power.

Take the back plate off where the batteries are located, replace them, and restart the console.

Strum Bar Not Working ¶ 

Strum bar does not respond no matter what.

Strum Bar is wobbling, does not respond when hit ¶ 

Check the Les Paul Wireless Guitar guide for strum bar issues, this page includes guides detailing how to address several Guitar Controller issues, on an older Guitar Hero model with similar strumming components on newer models.

Les Paul Wireless Guitar Troubleshooting


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