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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Acer One 10 S1002-145A Troubleshooting

Released in February 2015, under the product number S1002-145A.

Keyboard/Keys Not Responding

Certain keys don't respond when pressed or keyboard is not connecting with the tablet.

Dust Between Keys

Dust could be trapped between the keys, which could cause them to be unresponsive. You can use a can of compressed air and spray it between the keys to remove any dust or particles causing interference.

Key is Stuck in Place

One of your keys is stuck or will not press down. Check out this guide to remove the damaged key.

Tablet Not Connecting with the Keyboard

If your keyboard is not connecting to your tablet, or is not calibrated correctly, the keyboard dock connection (where the screen connects to the keyboard) or internal cable could be loose. Check the connection area on the top of the keyboard and the bottom of the tablet to make sure no part of the connectors are damaged. You can also check the internal connection by using this repair guide.

Touchscreen Doesn’t Respond

The touchscreen does not respond to your fingers, or it responds very slowly.

Power Save Settings

A touch screen can be affected by the power save settings. Look in the control panel and check if there are for any relevant settings and adjust them, then restart and test the computer to determine if changes appear to lead you in a direction or come to a conclusion about further troubleshooting to repair the problem.

Update Drivers

Visit Acer’s support website and download the latest touch screen or digitizer drivers. Install them and check if they are up to date and whether or not this solves the problem. Try using Intel's update driver utility available on Intel's download center website.

Device Manager

The device manager shows all of the hardware components of your device and their status. Use the device manager to investigate any hardware problems.

Troubleshoot the Touchscreen

Use a full touch screen app to troubleshoot like Google Maps to test where or if any areas have less responsiveness than others.


It is possible the calibration tool can realign any strangely behaving areas of the screen.

Block Image

LCD and Digitizer

If you damaged the screen, like cracking the screen, there are a few things to keep in mind. The LCD and Digitizer are one piece and if one works but the other doesn’t you have to replace it with a replacement assembly kit for the specific device.

Internal Cable Connections

If the digitizer doesn’t look physically damaged then a cable connection may be the problem. Sometimes a dirty connection where some salt may be trapped in the connector can cause problems when moisture is in the air, so cleaning the connection plugs might be required. Some repairs are as simple as reconnecting loose wires connecting the motherboard to the touch screen.

Front/Back Facing Camera Won’t Work

Camera lens may be broken or picture quality is low.

Lens is Dirty

The lens could be dirty, which could be a cause for hazy or low picture quality. If this is the case, take a microfiber cloth and wipe the camera lens gently to remove any dirt or contaminants. Make sure the pictures are now clear and of good quality.

Lens is Broken

If your pictures contain lines, your lens could be broken and will possibly need to be replaced. You can contact Acer to see if they will replace the camera or follow this guide.

Damaged Screen Causing Interference

If your tablet screen is broken or cracked near the camera, it could be the cause of the camera malfunctioning. The screen would need to be replaced as soon as possible, and you can use this guide for help with screen replacement . Otherwise, use your screen with caution until it can be replaced.

Running Out of Space/Low Storage

I have a small hard drive and need more space

Cloud Storage Services

Some online services let you automatically keep files and folders synchronized from your computer to a storage facility via the internet. Google Drive and DropBox are both reliable and commonly used services.

What Are Memory Cards?

Block Image

Common sizes are 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 200GB.

Memory cards can go from computer to computer, so when purchasing one, "Bigger is Better" or "As much as you'll use" are good things to think about. Visit this page for more information on memory cards.

Manually Deleting Files to Create Free Space

You will need patience to go through your files in the Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos folders while deleting files you've backed up, in order to create more space.

Using Cleaning and Optimizing Utilities

WinDirStat scans the disk directory and reports file sizes in order to help you find out what’s taking up so much space and where it can be found.

CCleaner by Piriform can assist with uninstalling programs and cleaning out system or application files that are taking up a lot of space.

Note: Be careful when choosing which programs you will uninstall by using a search engine (like Google) to research what the program does. This will prevent you from uninstalling any important programs.

No Wireless Connection

Your laptop is unable to connect to your network connection.

Laptop is on Airplane Mode

A common cause for no wireless connection is that the laptop is on airplane mode. To fix this, hold down the Fn and F3 keys on your keyboard simultaneously in order to turn the wifi back on. Check to make sure that the laptop now connects to your wireless network.

Router Needs to be Rebooted

An easy fix for no wireless connection is to reboot your router. To do this, unplug or turn off your router for at least 15 seconds. Plug the router back in or turn it back on, and wait for it to reboot. After all of its lights are back on, try to reconnect to your network connection.

Incorrect Wireless Adapter Driver

Another cause for no wireless connection is that your laptop has the wrong, or an outdated wireless adapter driver installed. To install the correct, updated driver for your laptop, visit Acer's driver download page, and choose ‘Notebook’ under group, ‘Acer One’ under series, and ‘S1002’ under products. Select the Wireless LAN driver download from the list, and install it to your laptop. After this, restart your laptop and once it reboots, check to see if your laptop now connects to your wireless network.

Faulty Wireless Adapter or Software

One simple fix to wifi connectivity issues is to reinstall the wireless adapter driver or software. In order to do this, go to the Start menu, open the control panel and then click on Hardware and Sound. Next, under Devices and Printers, click on Device Manager and select the Network Adapters drop down menu. From there, right-click on your system’s wireless software, and select uninstall. After this, restart your laptop, and when it reboots your system should have automatically reinstalled your wireless software. Check to see if your laptop now connects to your wireless network.

Slow Wireless Connection

Your laptop connects to your wireless network, but web pages take a long time to load.

Router is Too Far Away

Sometimes being too far away from your router can cause a slow wireless connection. Try moving closer to your router to see if you connection speed increases.

Wireless Channel Needs to be Changed

If you live in a crowded area, such as in an apartment complex, other wireless devices may cause interference with your device. A solution to this is to change your modem/router’s wireless channel. In order to do this, connect to your modem/router’s IP address (which can be found in its manual or online) by entering the address into your internet browser’s address bar. When your modem/router’s page comes up, look for the channel that it is currently using in Settings and select another channel from the drop down menu. Restart your laptop, try to reconnect to wireless and check to see if your connection is faster.

Trackpad or Cursor Malfunctioning

Mouse does not move at all, mouse pointer jumps around screen or selects things on its own, or two finger scroll or multi-gesture doesn’t work

Cursor Not Responding

Make sure you haven't accidentally disabled your touchpad. If your touchpad wasn’t accidentally disabled, try rebooting your computer.

If the problem still persists, try installing updated touchpad drivers. Follow the instructions on this page for help on how to install a driver.

Cursor Moving Erratically

A common cause for erratic movement of the trackpad is an accumulation of dust, grease, sweat or other liquids. Try using computer wipes or spraying some glass cleaner on a cloth (not directly on the pad), and gently wipe the pad until it is clean.

If your cursor is moving too fast, you can try adjusting the speed or sensitivity of your mouse pointer. Use this page as an aid to for adjusting cursor settings.

Unresponsive Gesture Movements

Depending on your version of Windows, some gestures have been changed. Click on one of the following links for instructions on how to use the gestures.

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP


Why does my Acer 10 one disconnect from the internet ? Then when I go to reconnect, it says I have limited internet?

Dannica - Reply

Mine boots up perfectly with normal screen then Grey screen with lines across it like a broken tv? Need help please only I n use 3 months

jenny - Reply

Hi, i have problem with micro sd card “SanDisk Micro SDXC Ultra Android 64GB 80MB/s UHS-I“. It is formated with NTFS. If it is plugged into notebook it is working, but when I shut down notebook and start again it is not mounted. But after restart it is mounted and working normally. After shut down it is not mounted again and I have to restart notebook for normal work.

Eduard Tomášek - Reply

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